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regulate /'regjuleit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • điều chỉnh, sửa lại cho đúng
      • to regulate a machine: điều chỉnh một cái máy
      • to regulate a watch: sửa lại đồng hồ cho đúng
    • sắp đặt, quy định, chỉnh lý, chỉnh đốn (công việc...)
    • điều hoà
      • to regulate one's expenditures: điều hoà sự chi tiêu
Concise Dictionary
regulates|regulated|regulating'regjəleɪt /-jʊ
+fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of
+bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations
+shape or influence; give direction to
+check the emission of (sound)

Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to control sth by means of rules: [VN] The activities of credit companies are regulated by law. + The government accepts whaling in principle as long as it is carefully regulated. + [V] It is up to the regulating authority to put the measures into effect.
2 [VN] to control the speed, pressure, temperature, etc. in a machine or system: This valve regulates the flow of water.
Collocation Dictionary


carefully, closely, properly, strictly, tightly
The use of these chemicals is strictly regulated.


attempt to, seek to | be designed to, be intended to
a code of conduct intended to regulate press reporting on the royal family


an attempt to regulate sth, heavily/highly regulated
a highly regulated economy

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