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regular /'rəgjulə/
  • tính từ
    • đều đều, không thay đổi; thường lệ
      • regular pulse: mạch đập đều đều
      • a regular day for payment: ngày trả lương theo thường lệ
      • a regular customer: khách hàng thường xuyên
    • cân đối, đều, đều đặn
      • regular features: những nét cân đối đều đặn
      • regular polygone: (toán học) đa giác đều
    • trong biên chế
      • a regular official: nhân viên trong biên chế
      • a regular doctor: bác sĩ đã được công nhận chính thức
    • chuyên nghiệp
      • to have no regular profession: không có nghề chuyên nghiệp
    • chính quy
      • regular function: (toán học) hàm chính quy
      • regular army: quân chính quy
    • hợp thức; (ngôn ngữ học) có (theo đúng) quy tắc
      • a regular verb: động từ quy tắc
    • quy củ, đúng mực, đúng giờ giấc
      • to lead a regular life: sống quy củ
      • regular people: những người sống theo đúng giờ giấc
    • (thông tục) đúng, thật, thật sự, hoàn toàn, không còn nghi ngờ gì nữa
      • a regular guy (fellow): (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) một anh chàng hoàn toàn (không chê vào đâu được)
    • (tôn giáo) ở tu viện, tu đạo
    • danh từ
      • quân chính quy
      • (thông tục) khách hàng quen
      • (thông tục) nhân viên thường xuyên, nhân viên trong biên chế chính thức
    Concise Dictionary
    regulars'regjələ(r) /-jʊ-
    +a regular patron
    +a soldier in the regular army
    +a dependable follower (especially in party politics)
    +a garment size for persons of average height and weight
    +in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle
    +often used as intensifiers
    +conforming to a standard or pattern
    +(of solids) having clear dimensions that can be measured; volume can be determined with a suitable geometric formula
    +regularly scheduled for fixed times
    +in accord with regular practice or procedure
    +occurring at fixed intervals
    +relating to a person who does something regularly
    +(used of the military) belonging to or engaged in by legitimate army forces
    +not constipated
    +symmetrically arranged
    +not deviating from what is normal
    +officially full-time

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 routine, ordinary, common, everyday, customary, accustomed, wonted, commonplace, normal, usual, traditional, time-honoured, conventional, typical, habitual, natural, familiar, standard, predictable, scheduled, fixed, unvarying, invariable, methodical:
    The attack occurred while Eric was taking his regular evening stroll
    2 scheduled, routine, systematic, ordered, steady, consistent, rhythmic(al), automatic, uniform, periodic, cyclic(al); hourly, daily, weekly, hebdomadal, semi-weekly, biweekly, fortnightly, semi-monthly, monthly, bimonthly, seasonal, quarterly, semi-annual, annual:
    The patrol made their regular rounds, as usual. The printers' strike might delay regular publication of the magazine.
    3 symmetrical, uniform, even, even-sided, equal-sided, equilateral, equal-angled, equiangular; harmonious:
    Any six-sided plane figure is a hexagon, but if it has six equal angles and six sides equal in length, it is a regular hexagon.
    4 undistorted, even, well-proportioned, proportional, symmetrical, classic:
    He was classically good-looking, with regular features.
    5 even, smooth, level, straight, uniform, uninterrupted, unvarying, continuous, flat, plane, plumb:
    The surface of the wing is regular except for the spoilers.
    6 dependable, methodical, (well-)regulated, (well-)ordered, orderly; proper, correct, legal, official, bona fide, legitimate, established, recognized, orthodox, approved, Colloq kosher, OK or okay:
    Everything about the council election was entirely regular.
    7 usual, expected, normal, habitual, accustomed, familiar:
    Our regular doctor was on holiday, and we had to see a locum.
    8 acceptable, accepted, estimable, fine, good, likeable, popular, pleasant:
    We all consider Bob to be a regular fellow and a friend.
    9 complete, utter, thoroughgoing, unmitigated, unalloyed, unqualified, consummate, perfect, thorough, absolute, well-known, acknowledged:
    The man is a regular dunce when it comes to repairing cars.
    10 permanent, career:
    She's in the regular navy.
    11 conventional, usual, common, conformable, ordinary, systematic, Colloq US ruly:
    Regular English verbs form their past by the addition of -d or -ed to the infinitive.
    12 fixture, habitué, (steady) customer, patron, client, frequenter:
    Jan has been a regular at the Star and Garter pub for years.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, noun
    + adjective
    following pattern
    1 following a pattern, especially with the same time and space in between each thing and the next: regular breathing + a regular pulse / heartbeat + A light flashed at regular intervals. + There is a regular bus service to the airport. + regular meetings / visits + The equipment is checked on a regular basis. + She writes a regular column for a national newspaper.
    Antonym: IRREGULAR
    2 done or happening often: Do you take regular exercise? + Domestic violence is a regular occurrence in some families.
    Antonym: IRREGULAR
    3 [only before noun] (of people) doing the same thing or going to the same place often: our regular customers / readers / viewers + regular offenders (= against the law) + He was a regular visitor to her house.
    4 [only before noun] usual: I couldn't see my regular doctor today. + On Monday he would have to return to his regular duties. + It's important to follow the regular procedure.
    evenly shaped
    5 evenly shaped: a face with regular features + a regular geometric pattern + He flashed a smile, showing two rows of white, regular teeth.
    Antonym: IRREGULAR
    6 lasting or happening over a long period: a regular job / income + She couldn't find any regular employment.
    standard size
    7 (especially AmE) of a standard size: Regular or large fries?
    8 [only before noun] (especially AmE) ordinary; without any special or extra features: Do you want regular or diet cola? + I just want to buy a regular white shirt-nothing fancy. + (approving) He's just a regular guy who loves his dog.
    9 [only before noun] belonging to or connected with the permanent armed forces or police force of a country: a regular army / soldier
    Antonym: IRREGULAR
    10 (especially of verbs or nouns) changing their form in the same way as most other verbs and nouns: The past participle of regular verbs ends in '-ed'.
    Antonym: IRREGULAR
    for emphasis
    11 (informal) used for emphasis to show that sb/sth is an exact or clear example of the thing mentioned: The whole thing was a regular disaster.
    + noun
    1 a customer who often goes to a particular shop/store, pub, restaurant, etc: He's one of our regulars.
    member of team
    2 a person who often plays in a particular team, takes part in a particular television show, etc: We are missing six first-team regulars because of injury.
    3 a professional soldier who belongs to a country's permanent army
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 frequent


    be, seem | become


    very | fairly, quite
    at fairly regular intervals

    2 following a pattern




    highly, very
    highly regular patterns
    | perfectly
    Her face was perfectly regular.
    | fairly

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