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regiment /'redʤimənt/
  • danh từ
    • (quân sự) trung đoàn
    • đoàn, lũ, bầy
      • a regiment of birds: một bầy chim
  • ngoại động từ
    • (quân sự) tổ chức thành trung đoàn
    • tổ chức thành từng đoàn
Concise Dictionary
+army unit smaller than a division
+subject to rigid discipline, order, and systematization
+form (military personnel) into a regiment
+assign to a regiment

Thesaurus Dictionary
discipline, order, organize, systematize, whip into shape, standardize, regulate, control:
I dislike the way management regiments people in this establishment, as if they were schoolchildren.
Advanced English Dictionary
[pl. v.]
1 a large group of soldiers that is commanded by a COLONEL: an armoured / a cavalry / an infantry / a tank regiment + the Parachute / SAS Regiment + He enlisted in the Lancashire regiment.
2 (written) a large number of people or things

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