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  • danh từ
    • ánh sáng phản chiếu; vật phản chiếu, bóng phản chiếu trong gương
    • tiếng dội lại
    • sự phản xạ
    • phản xạ
    • sự phản ánh
    • tính từ
      • nhìn sâu vào nội tâm; soi rọi lại bản thân (ý nghĩ)
      • phản chiếu (ánh sáng)
      • phản ứng, tác động trở lại
      • phản xạ
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    an action or a movement of your body that happens naturally in response to sth and that you cannot control; sth that you do without thinking: The doctor tested her reflexes. + to have quick / slow reflexes + a reflex response / reaction + Only the goalkeeper's reflexes (= his ability to react quickly) stopped the ball from going in. + Almost as a reflex action, I grab my pen as the phone rings.
    Collocation Dictionary


    good, lightning, quick | poor | automatic | natural | conditioned


    The rapid movement of an object towards the eye triggers the blink reflex.
    | control | sharpen, speed up
    The training is designed to sharpen the fighter's reflexes.
    | slow (down)
    Alcohol can slow your reflexes.
    | suppress | test
    The doctor tested her reflexes.


    action, reaction
    Almost as a reflex action, I grab my pen as the phone rings.


    by ~
    Almost by reflex, he helped himself to a drink.

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