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  • tính từ
    • phản chiếu (nhất là ánh sáng)
    • biết suy nghĩ; có suy nghĩ
    • suy nghĩ, nghi ngờ, trầm ngâm (vẻ)
Concise Dictionary
+persistently or morbidly thoughtful
+capable of physically reflecting light or sound
+devoted to matters of the mind

Thesaurus Dictionary
reflecting, thoughtful, pensive, contemplative, meditating, musing, meditative, cogitating, cogitative, ruminating, deliberative, deliberating, pondering:
I found Alan in a reflective mood, staring out of the window.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (written) thinking deeply about things: a quiet and reflective man
2 reflective surfaces send back light or heat: reflective car number plates + On dark nights children should wear reflective clothing.
3 ~ of sth (written) typical of a particular situation or thing; showing the state or nature of sth: His abilities are not reflective of the team as a whole. + Everything you do or say is reflective of your personality.
reflectively adverb: She sipped her wine reflectively.
Collocation Dictionary




highly, very | slightly

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