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reflect /ri'flekt/
  • ngoại động từ
    • phản chiếu, phản xạ, dội lại
      • to reflect light: phản chiếu ánh sáng
      • to reflect sound: dội lại âm thanh
    • phản ánh
      • their actions reflect their thoughts: hành động của họ phản ánh tư tưởng họ
    • mang lại (hành động, kết quả...)
      • the result reflects credit upon his family: kết quả ấy mang lại tiếng tốt cho gia đình anh ta
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) gập lại
      • to reflect the corner of the paper: gấp mép giấy lại
  • nội động từ (+ on, upon)
    • suy nghĩ, ngẫm nghĩ
      • to reflect upon what answers to make: suy nghĩ nên trả lời thế nào
    • làm hại lây, làm xấu lây, làm mang tiếng, làm mất uy tín
      • to reflect on someone's honour: làm ai mang tai mang tiếng
    • chỉ trích, chê trách, khiển trách
      • to reflect on somene's: chỉ trích ai
      • to reflect upon someone's conduct: chỉ trích tư cách của ai
Concise Dictionary
+manifest or bring back
+to throw or bend back or reflect (from a surface)
+reflect deeply on a subject
+be bright by reflecting or casting light
+give evidence of a certain behavior
+give evidence of the quality of

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 mirror, send or throw back, reproduce, return; echo:
The smooth surface of the lake reflected the sunlight. The radio waves are reflected and focused by this parabolic dish
2 show, demonstrate, exhibit, illustrate, exemplify, reveal, lay bare, expose, display, disclose, bring to light, uncover, point to, indicate, suggest, evidence:
They say that your true emotions are reflected in your dreams. His crime reflects the depths of depravity to which a person can sink
3 Often, reflect about or on. think (about or over or on), contemplate, muse (about or on), consider, ponder (about or over or on), deliberate (on or over), ruminate or meditate (about or on or over), cogitate (about or on or over); mull over, weigh, evaluate, examine:
I was just sitting here reflecting. I was reflecting on what you said about wanting to quit your job
4 reflect on or upon. result in, end in, bring, attract, cast, throw:
The success of the team reflects credit on the coach.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] [usually passive] ~ sb/sth (in sth) to show the image of sb/sth on the surface of sth such as a mirror, water or glass: His face was reflected in the mirror. + She could see herself reflected in his eyes.
2 [VN] to throw back light, heat, sound, etc. from a surface: The windows reflected the bright afternoon sunlight. + When the sun's rays hit the earth, a lot of the heat is reflected back into space. + This material absorbs the sound, and doesn't reflect it.
3 [VN] to show or be a sign of the nature of sth or of sb's attitude or feeling: Our newspaper aims to reflect the views of the local community. + His music reflects his interest in African culture.
4 ~ (on / upon sth) to think carefully and deeply about sth: [V] Before I decide, I need time to reflect. + She was left to reflect on the implications of her decision. + [V that] On the way home he reflected that the interview had gone well. [also V wh-, V speech]
Idioms: reflect well, badly, etc. on sb/sth to make sb/sth appear to be good, bad, etc. to other people: This incident reflects badly on everyone involved.
Collocation Dictionary

1 send back light/heat/sound


dimly, dully
The sun reflected dully off the stone walls. (figurative) In Milton's poem, Satan, even after his fall, dimly reflects his former glory.
| back


The screen reflects light from the sun.
| off

2 show/express sth


clearly | directly | accurately, closely, correctly, faithfully, well
Does this opinion poll accurately reflect the public mood?
| adequately
The punishment should adequately reflect the revulsion felt by most people for this appalling crime.
| merely, simply
This year's budget simply reflects the fact that we have fewer people out of work.
| not necessarily
The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the editor.


be designed to
The exhibition is designed to reflect the diversity of the nation and its regions.


The condition of the house is reflected in its low price.

3 think deeply


bitterly, gloomily, ruefully, wryly
reflecting ruefully that the great American dollar didn't buy as much as it used to


pause to | leave sb to
He was left to reflect on the implications of his decision.


She paused to reflect on what she had achieved.


time to reflect
I need time to reflect.

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