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recommend /,rekə'mend/
  • ngoại động từ
    • giới thiệu, tiến cử (người, vật...)
      • can you recommend me a good English dictionary?: anh có thể giới thiệu cho tôi cuốn tự điển Anh ngữ tốt không?
    • làm cho người ta mến, làm cho có cảm tưởng tốt về (ai)
      • her gentleness recommends her: tính hiền lành của chị làm người ta mến (có cảm tưởng tốt về) chị
    • khuyên, dặn bảo
      • I recommend you to do what he says: tôi khuyên anh nên làm những điều anh ấy nói
    • gửi gắm, phó thác
      • to recommend something to someone's care: gửi gắm vật gì cho ai trông mom hộ
Concise Dictionary
+push for something
+express a good opinion of
+make attractive or acceptable

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 counsel, advise, guide, urge, exhort, suggest, advocate, propose, (put) forward, propound, persuade:
He recommended that the entire system should be changed.
2 endorse, praise, commend, mention favourably, vouch for, second, subscribe to, back, push, favour, approve, underwrite, stand up for, support, promote, Colloq tout, plug:
I wish Charles would stop recommending his brother-in-law for a job with us
3 make attractive or advisable or interesting or acceptable:
Wendover has little to recommend it as a tourist spot.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] ~ sb/sth (to sb) (for / as sth) to tell sb that sth is good or useful, or that sb would be suitable for a particular job, etc: Can you recommend a good hotel? + I recommend the book to all my students. + She was recommended for the post by a colleague. + The hotel's new restaurant comes highly recommended (= a lot of people have praised it).
2 to advise a particular course of action; to advise sb to do sth: [VN] The report recommended a 10% pay increase. + It is dangerous to exceed the recommended dose. + a recommended price of $50 + [V (that)] I recommend (that) he see a lawyer. + (BrE also) I recommend (that) he should see a lawyer. + [VN (that)] It is strongly recommended that the machines should be checked every year. + [VN to inf] We'd recommend you to book your flight early. + [V -ing] He recommended reading the book before seeing the movie. [also VN -ing, V wh-]
3 [VN] ~ sb/sth (to sb) to make sb/sth seem attractive or good: This system has much to recommend it.
Collocation Dictionary

1 say that sb/sth is good


highly, thoroughly
This book is highly recommended by teachers.
| certainly, definitely
I definitely recommend this film.
| heartily | personally
Consult a solicitor who is personally recommended to you.


Who would you recommend for the job?
| to
I can recommend this book to anyone interested in food.


sth has a lot/much to recommend it
Your idea has much to recommend it.

2 advise sb to do sth


I would strongly recommend that you get professional advice.
| particularly, specifically

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