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rebellion /ri'beljən/
  • danh từ
    • cuộc nổi loạn, cuộc phiến loạn
      • to rise in rebellion: nổi loạn
      • a rebellion against the King: một cuộc nổi loạn chống lại nhà vua
    • sự chống lại (chính quyền, chính sách, luật pháp...)
Concise Dictionary
+refusal to accept some authority or code or convention
+organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 uprising, revolution, mutiny, insurrection, revolt, insurgence or insurgency:
Rebellion is the last recourse against tyranny.
2 insubordination, disobedience, defiance, resistance, rebelliousness, contumacy:
Her rebellion against parental authority led her to leave home at sixteen.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 [U, C] an attempt by some of the people in a country to change their government, using violence: The north of the country rose in rebellion against the government. + The army put down the rebellion.
2 [U, C] opposition to authority within an organization, a political party, etc: (a) back-bench rebellion + Some members are in rebellion against proposed cuts in spending.
3 [U] opposition to authority; being unwilling to obey rules or accept normal standards of behaviour, dress, etc: Teenage rebellion often starts in the home.
Collocation Dictionary

1 attempt to change the government


full-scale, major | minor, small | general, open | armed | military, peasant, popular


rise (up) in
Simon de Montfort rose in rebellion in 1258.
| launch, raise
They staged a rebellion against British rule in Ireland.
| set off, spark off
The re-introduction of conscription sparked off a major rebellion.
| foment, provoke (sb/sth to)
attempts to foment rebellion in the Cabinet The new taxes provoked the population to open rebellion.
| threaten
The opposition party members threatened rebellion.
| join | take part in | lead | support | crush, put down, quell, suppress


Peasant rebellions occurred throughout the 16th century.
| begin, break out
Rebellion broke out in the Rhineland.
| fail


in ~
They are in rebellion against the conservative hierarchy of the Church.
| ~ against
a rebellion against the new king
| ~ over
a rebellion over an increase in VAT

2 opposition to authority


adolescent, teenage, youthful


The band refused to go on stage and rebellion began to stir in the audience.


~ against
rebellion against their parents


an act of rebellion, a form of rebellion

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