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  • phó từ
    • hợp lý
      • to discuss the matter calmly and reasonably: thảo luận vấn đề một cách bình tĩnh và hợp lý
    • vừa phải; chấp nhận được hoặc tạm được; vừa vừa hoặc kha khá
      • reasonably good/cheap/intelligent: khá tốt/rẻ/thông minh
      • a reasonably-priced book: một quyển sách giá cả phải chăng
Concise Dictionary
+to a moderately sufficient extent or degree
+with good sense or in a reasonable or intelligent manner

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 to a degree that is fairly good but not very good: The instructions are reasonably straightforward. + She seems reasonably happy in her new job.
2 in a logical and sensible way: We tried to discuss the matter calmly and reasonably.
3 in a fair way: He couldn't reasonably be expected to pay back the loan all at once. + The apartments are reasonably priced (= not too expensive).

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