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ready /'redi/
  • tính từ
    • sẵn sàng
      • dinner is ready: cơm nước đã sẵn sàng
      • to be ready to go anywhere: sẵn sàng đi bất cứ đâu
      • ready! go!: (thể dục,thể thao) sẵn sàng! chạy!
      • ready, present, fire!: chuẩn bị, ngắm, bắn!
    • sẵn lòng
      • he is ready to help you: anh ta sẵn lòng giúp anh
    • để sẵn
      • to keep a revolver ready: để sẵn một khẩu súng lục
    • cố ý, cú; có khuynh hướng
      • don't be so ready to find fault: đừng cố ý bắt bẻ như thế
    • sắp, sắp sửa
      • now ready: sắp sửa xuất bản (sách)
      • a bud just ready to brust: nụ hoa sắp nở
    • có sẵn, mặt (tiền)
      • ready money: tiền có sẵn (trong tay); tiền mặt
      • to pay ready money: trả tiền mặt
    • nhanh, mau, ngay tức khắc; lưu loát
      • a ready retort: câu đối đáp nhanh
      • to have a ready wit: nhanh trí
      • to have a ready pen: viết lưu loát
    • dễ dàng
      • goods that meet with a ready sale: những hàng bán rất dễ dàng nhất
    • ở gần, đúng tầm tay
      • the readiest weapont: cái vũ khí ở gần tay nhất
      • ready at hand; ready to hand: ở ngay gần, vừa đúng tầm tay
    • to be always ready with an excuse
      • luôn luôn có lý do để bào chữa
  • phó từ
    • sẵn, sẵn sàng
      • pack everything ready: hây sắp xếp mọi thứ vào va li
      • ready dressed: đã mặc quần áo sẵn sàng
    • nhanh (chỉ dùng cấp so sánh)
      • the child that answers readiest: đứa bé trả lời nhanh nhất
  • danh từ
    • (quân sự) tư thế sẵn sàng bắn (của súng)
      • to come to the ready: giương súng ở tư thế sẵn sàng bắn
      • guns at the ready: những khẩu pháo ngóc lên sẵn sàng nhả đạn
    • (từ lóng) tiền mặt
    • ngoại động từ
      • chuẩn bị sẵn sàng, sửa soạn
      • (từ lóng) trả bằng tiền mặt
    Concise Dictionary
    +poised for action
    +prepare for eating by applying heat
    +make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc
    +completely prepared or in condition for immediate action or use or progress
    +(of especially money) immediately available
    +mentally disposed
    +brought into readiness
    +apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity

    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, verb, adverb, noun
    + adjective (readier, readiest)
    prepared / available
    1 [not before noun] ~ (for sth)
    ~ (to do sth) fully prepared for what you are going to do: Are you nearly ready? + I'm just getting the kids ready for school. + Right, we're ready to go. + 'Shall we go?' 'I'm ready when you are!' + Volunteers were ready and waiting to pack the food in boxes. + I was twenty years old and ready for anything. + I'm not sure if Karen is ready for marriage yet.
    2 [not before noun] ~ (for sth)
    ~ (to do sth) completed and available to be used: Come on, dinner's ready! + The new building should be ready by 2002. + Can you help me get everything ready for the party? + The contract will be ready to sign in two weeks.
    3 available to be used easily and immediately: All the relevant records are easily available ready to hand. + (BrE) a ready meal (= one that you buy already prepared and that you only have to heat up) + a ready supply of wood + a ready source of income
    4 [not before noun] ~ (for / with sth)
    ~ (to do sth) willing and quick to do or give sth: I was very angry and ready for a fight. + She's always ready with advice. + He's always ready to help his friends. + Don't be so ready to believe the worst about people.
    likely to do sth
    5 ~ to do sth likely to do sth very soon: She looked ready to collapse at any minute.
    needing sth
    6 ~ for sth needing sth as soon as possible: Right, I'm ready for bed. + After the long walk, we were all ready for a drink.
    quick / clever
    7 [only before noun] quick and clever: She has great charm and a ready wit.
    Idioms: make ready (for sth) (formal) to prepare: to make ready for the President's visit
    ready, steady, go! (BrE) (also (get) ready, (get) set, go AmE, BrE) what you say to tell people to start a race
    ready to roll (informal) ready to start: The show is just about ready to roll.
    + verb (readies, readying, readied, readied) ~ sb / yourself / sth (for sth) (formal) to prepare sb/yourself/sth for sth: [VN] Western companies were readying themselves for the challenge from Eastern markets. [also V to inf, VN to inf]
    + adverb (used before a past participle, especially in compounds) already done: ready-cooked meals + The concrete was ready mixed. + ready-pasted wallpaper
    + noun (the ready) [sing.] (also readies [pl.]) (BrE, informal) money that you can use immediately
    Idioms: at the ready available to be used immediately: We all had our cameras at the ready. + Have your questions at the ready.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 prepared


    appear, be, feel, look, seem | get
    We were getting ready to go out.
    | get sb
    trying to get the children ready to leave
    | consider sb, declare sb, deem sb, judge sb
    She was concerned to protect the children from the truth until she judged them ready to hear it.


    I was all ready to leave when the phone rang.
    | not quite
    He didn't feel quite ready for marriage.
    | (just) about, almost, nearly, practically
    I think we're just about ready to start.
    | always, ever | not yet | emotionally
    Though Paul had wanted a child, he wasn't emotionally ready for it.


    I feel ready for anything!
    | with
    He's always ready with a quick answer.

    2 prepared and available


    be, stand
    The suitcases were standing ready by the front door.
    | have sth, hold sth, keep sth, leave sth
    Please have your tickets ready for inspection. holding his gun ready I've left everything ready in the kitchen.
    | get sth, make sth
    I'll get all the boxes ready. The warships were soon made ready.
    | consider sth, declare sth, deem sth, judge sth
    The plane was refuelled and declared ready for service again.


    The cases are ready for delivery.

    3 willing


    appear, be, seem | remain


    more than, only too, very
    Connors was more than ready to oblige. She was only too ready to believe the worst of him.
    | always, ever | apparently | clearly


    ready and willing
    always ready and willing to help

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