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  • (Econ) Dải, khoảng.
      + Một thước đo mức độ phân tán của một mẫu các quan sát hoặc của một sự phân phối được tính như chênh lệch giứa các giá trị lớn nhất và nhỏ nhất của biến số đó.
Concise Dictionary
+an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: "the range of a supersonic jet"
+the limits within which something can be effective
+a large tract of grassy open land on which livestock can graze
+a series of hills or mountains
+a place for shooting (firing or driving) projectiles of various kinds
+the limits of the values a function can take
+a variety of different things or activities
+the limit of capability
+a kitchen appliance used for cooking food
+change or be different within limits
+move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment
+have a range; be capable of projecting over a certain distance, as of a gun
+range or extend over; occupy a certain area
+lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line
+feed as in a meadow or pasture
+let eat
+assign a rank or rating to

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 scope, sweep, reach, limit, extent, span, area, radius, distance, compass, latitude, stretch, sphere, orbit:
The gun has a range of about 200 yards. This radio transmitter is effective only within a thirty-mile range. The minister is trying to broaden the range of his influence
2 assortment, series, collection, lot, spread, selection, choice, number, variety, kind, sort, scale, gamut, register:
The courses offered cater to a wide range of interests.
3 rank, row, tier, line, file, series, string, chain:
From my window I could see the range of hills stretching away into the distance
4 kitchen range, (cooking-) stove, Chiefly Brit cooker, Brit trade mark Aga, US cook-stove:
In every French farmhouse there was always a pot of soup on the range.
5 line up, rank, order, align, order, array:
The teacher ranged the children according to their height.
6 vary, fluctuate, spread, run the gamut, extend, stretch, run, go:
The students range in age from eight to eighty.
7 organize, categorize, catalogue, arrange, classify, sort, class, group, rank, bracket, pigeon-hole, file, index, break down, grade, distribute:
The books are ranged according to their subject-matter.
8 cover, traverse, roam, rove, travel over or across, go or pass over, drift, migrate, wander, move, extend:
The wildebeest ranges far and wide over vast tracts of grazing land in Africa.

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