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  • (thống kê) khoảng biến thiên giao độ, hàng, phạm vi; miền (giá trị), dải // sắp xếp
  • r. of definition (logic học) miền xác định
  • r. of a function miền giá trị của một hàm
  • r. of points hàng điểm
  • r. of projectile tầm bắn của đạn
  • r. of a transformation miền giá trị của một phép biến đổi
  • r. of a variable miền biến thiên của một biến số
  • acceptable quality r. miền chất lượng chấp nhận được
  • fixed r. (máy tính) miền cố định
  • frequency r. dải tần số
  • interquartile r. (thống kê) khoảng tứ phân vi
  • projective r.s of points hàng điểm xạ ảnh
  • semi-interquartile r. nửa khoảng tứ phân vị
  • scale r. dải thang
Concise Dictionary
+an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: "the range of a supersonic jet"
+the limits within which something can be effective
+a large tract of grassy open land on which livestock can graze
+a series of hills or mountains
+a place for shooting (firing or driving) projectiles of various kinds
+the limits of the values a function can take
+a variety of different things or activities
+the limit of capability
+a kitchen appliance used for cooking food
+change or be different within limits
+move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment
+have a range; be capable of projecting over a certain distance, as of a gun
+range or extend over; occupy a certain area
+lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line
+feed as in a meadow or pasture
+let eat
+assign a rank or rating to

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 scope, sweep, reach, limit, extent, span, area, radius, distance, compass, latitude, stretch, sphere, orbit:
The gun has a range of about 200 yards. This radio transmitter is effective only within a thirty-mile range. The minister is trying to broaden the range of his influence
2 assortment, series, collection, lot, spread, selection, choice, number, variety, kind, sort, scale, gamut, register:
The courses offered cater to a wide range of interests.
3 rank, row, tier, line, file, series, string, chain:
From my window I could see the range of hills stretching away into the distance
4 kitchen range, (cooking-) stove, Chiefly Brit cooker, Brit trade mark Aga, US cook-stove:
In every French farmhouse there was always a pot of soup on the range.
5 line up, rank, order, align, order, array:
The teacher ranged the children according to their height.
6 vary, fluctuate, spread, run the gamut, extend, stretch, run, go:
The students range in age from eight to eighty.
7 organize, categorize, catalogue, arrange, classify, sort, class, group, rank, bracket, pigeon-hole, file, index, break down, grade, distribute:
The books are ranged according to their subject-matter.
8 cover, traverse, roam, rove, travel over or across, go or pass over, drift, migrate, wander, move, extend:
The wildebeest ranges far and wide over vast tracts of grazing land in Africa.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C, usually sing.] ~ (of sth) a variety of things of a particular type: The hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services. + There is a full range of activities for children. + This material is available in a huge range of colours.
2 [C, usually sing.] the limits between which sth varies: Most of the students are in the 17-20 age range. + There will be an increase in the range of 0 to 3 per cent. + It's difficult to find a house in our price range (= that we can afford). + This was outside the range of his experience.
of products
3 [C] a set of products of a particular type: our new range of hair products
4 [C, U] the distance over which sth can be seen or heard: The child was now out of her range of vision (= not near enough for her to see).
5 [C, U] the distance over which a gun or other weapon can hit things: These missiles have a range of 300 miles.
6 [C] the distance that a vehicle will travel before it needs more fuel
of mountains
7 [C] a line or group of mountains or hills: the great mountain range of the Alps
for shooting
8 [C] an area of land where people can practise shooting or where bombs, etc. can be tested: a shooting range + A device was exploded at the main nuclear testing range.
See also - RIFLE RANGE
9 [C] a large piece of equipment that can burn various fuels and is kept hot all the time, used for cooking, especially in the past
10 (AmE) = COOKER
for cows
11 (the range) [sing.] (AmE) a large open area for keeping cows, etc.
See also - FREE-RANGE
Idioms: in / within range (of sth) near enough to be reached, seen or heard: He shouted angrily at anyone within range.
out of range (of sth) too far away to be reached, seen or heard: The cat stayed well out of range of the children. + She hid away in her house, out of range of prying eyes.
+ verb
1 [V] ~ from A to B
~ between A and B to vary between two particular amounts, sizes, etc., including others between them: to range in size / length / price from A to B + Estimates of the damage range between $1 million and $5 million. + Accommodation ranges from tourist class to luxury hotels.
2 [V +adv./prep.] ~ (from A to B) to include a variety of different things in addition to those mentioned: She has had a number of different jobs, ranging from chef to swimming instructor. + The conversation ranged widely (= covered a lot of different topics).
3 [VN +adv./prep.] [usually passive] (formal) to arrange people or things in a particular position or order: The delegates ranged themselves around the table. + Spectators were ranged along the whole route of the procession.
move around
4 to move around an area: [V, +adv./prep.] He ranges far and wide in search of inspiration for his paintings. + [VN] Her eyes ranged the room.
Phrasal Verbs: range yourself / sb against / with sb/sth [usually passive] to join with other people to oppose sb/sth: The whole family seemed ranged against him.
range over sth to include a variety of different subjects: His lecture ranged over a number of topics.
Collocation Dictionary

1 different things within the same category


broad, enormous, extensive, great, huge, large, vast, wide | complete, comprehensive, full, whole | infinite | excellent,
exciting, good, superb |
astonishing, extraordinary,


beyond ~
This car is beyond the range of most people's pockets.
| in/within ~
Are we within range of the local transmitter?
| out of ~
Don't shoot yet?he's still out of range.
| outside a/the ~
It's outside my range of vision.
impressive, remarkable | diverse
people from a diverse range of backgrounds
| acceptable | limited, poor | new
Come and see our new range of furniture.
| product
For more information about our product range, call your local branch.


have, stock
They stock a very wide range of garden products.
| make, produce | offer (sb), provide (sb with), supply (sb with)
We provide a full range of financial services.
| choose (sth) from, try out
Students can choose from a wide range of options.
| create, develop, launch
The company is launching a new range of cosmetics.
| expand, extend


include sth
Our comprehensive range of benefits includes pension and health insurance.


in a/the ~
the other models in their new range


bottom/middle/top of the range
This is a top of the range refrigerator.

2 amount between particular limits


broad, wide | narrow | normal | ability, age, price, size, temperature, etc.


cover, encompass, feature, include
The trade show will feature an enormous range of goods.
| extend, increase
trying to extend the range of children's language


across a/the ~
There is considerable variation in ability across the range.
| in a/the ~
Most of the students are in the age range 17?21.
| outside a/the ~
No, that's completely outside my price range.
| within a/the ~
The level of mistakes is within the acceptable range of standards for a public organization.
| ~ of
a broad range of abilities

3 distance that it is possible to travel, see, etc.


missiles effective over a long range
| close, point-blank, short
He shot her at point-blank



enormously, widely


The opinions they expressed ranged right across the political spectrum.
| between
The town's population ranged between 15 and 20,000.
| from, in
The disease ranges widely in severity.
| over
Her lecture ranged over a number of topics.
| through
an array of lilies, ranging through yellow to sombre purple
| to
selling them at prices ranging from about $10 to $500.
| up to
Their ages range up to 84.

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