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rancid /'rænsid/
  • tính từ
    • trở mùi, ôi (mỡ, bơ...)
      • to smell rancid: trở mùi, ôi
      • to grow rancid: đã trở mùi, đã ôi
Concise Dictionary
+(used of decomposing oils or fats) having a rank smell or taste usually due to a chemical change or decomposition
+smelling of fermentation or staleness

Thesaurus Dictionary
stinking or reeking (to high heaven), foul-smelling, ill-smelling, evil-smelling, noisome, mephitic, miasmic or miasmal or miasmatic(al), smelly, rank, malodorous, fusty; nasty, disagreeable, odious, fetid or foetid, rotten, decayed, spoilt or spoiled, turned, bad, awful, sour, tainted, high, gamy, ripe, putrid, corrupt, stale:
To rid your fridge of that rancid smell, wash it out with a solution of baking soda.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
if food containing fat is rancid, it tastes or smells unpleasant because it is no longer fresh: rancid butter + Butter soon goes / turns (= becomes) rancid in this heat. + There was a rancid smell coming from the kitchen.

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