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rampant /'ræmpənt/
  • tính từ
    • chồm đứng lên
      • a lion rampant: con sư tử chồm đứng lên (hình trên huy hiệu)
    • hung hăng, hùng hổ, không kiềm chế được, quá khích
    • um tùm, rậm rạp
      • rampant weeds: cỏ dại mọc um tùm
    • lan tràn (tệ hại xã hội, bệnh...)
    • (kiến trúc) thoai thoải, dốc thoai thoải
Concise Dictionary
+unrestrained and violent
+rearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile
+(of a plant) having a lush and unchecked growth

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 unchecked, uninhibited, unrestrained, wild, uncontrolled, out of control, out of hand, frenzied, unbridled, uncontrollable, violent:
He was a victim of rampant jealousy. Jennie could hardly be described as a rampant feminist.
2 profuse, unbounded, abounding, flourishing, rife, widespread, everywhere, epidemic, pandemic, prevalent, unrestrained, unchecked, running wild, uninhibited, indiscriminate, wild, uncontrolled; in control, holding sway, in full sway, dominant, predominant; exuberant, rank, luxuriant:
Before Masterson became sheriff, vice and crime were rampant in the town.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of sth bad) existing or spreading everywhere in a way that cannot be controlled: rampant corruption / inflation + Unemployment is now rampant in most of Europe.
2 (of plants) growing thickly and very fast in a way that cannot be controlled: rampant vegetation / weeds
rampantly adverb

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