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rake /reik/
  • danh từ
    • kẻ chơi bời phóng đãng; kẻ trác táng
    • cái cào
    • cái cào than; que cời than
    • cái cào tiền, cái gạt tiền (ở sòng bạc)
    • động từ
      • cào, cời
        • to rake hay: cào cỏ khô
        • to rake a fire: cời lửa
        • to rake clean: cào sạch
        • to rake level: cào cho bằng
      • tìm kỹ, lục soát
        • to rake one's memory: tìm trong trí nhớ
        • to rake in (among, into) old records: lục soát trong đám hồ sơ cũ
      • nhìn bao quát
      • nhìn bao quát, nhìn khắp; nhìn ra
        • the window rakes the whole panorama: cửa sổ nhìn ra toàn bộ phong cảnh đó
      • (quân sự) quét, lia (súng...)
      • to rake away
        • cáo sạch đi
      • to rake in
        • cào vào, lấy cào gạt vào
      • to rake in money: lấy cào gạt tiền vào (ở sòng bạc)
      • to rake of
        • cào sạch
      • to rake off the dead leaves: cào sạch lá khô
      • to rake out
        • cào bới ra
      • to rake out a fire: cào ngọn lửa, làm tắt ngọn lửa
      • to rake over
        • cào xới lên
      • to rake over a flowerbed: cào xới lên một luống hoa
      • to rake up
        • cào gọn lại (thành đống)
      • to rake up the hay: cào cỏ khô gọn lại thành đống
      • to rake up the fire: cời to ngọn lửa
      • khơi lại, nhắc lại
        • to rake up an old quarrel: khơi lại chuyện bất hoà cũ
        • to rake up all sorts of objections: tìm bới mọi cách phản đối
      • to rake somebody over the coals
        • (xem) coal
    • danh từ
      • sự nghiêng về phía sau; độ nghiêng về phía sau (cột buồm, ống khói tàu...)
      • ngoại động từ
        • làm nghiêng về phía sau
        • nội động từ
          • nhô ra (cột buồm)
          • nghiêng về phía sau (cột buồm, ống khói tàu)
        Concise Dictionary
        +a dissolute man in fashionable society
        +degree of deviation from a horizontal plane
        +a long-handled tool with a row of teeth at its head; used to move leaves or loosen soil
        +move through with or as if with a rake
        +level or smooth with a rake
        +sweep the length of
        +examine hastily
        +gather with a rake
        +scrape gently

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        1 Often, rake up. scrape together, gather (together or up), collect, draw together:
        You really must rake up the leaves from the lawn and burn them.
        2 scrape, comb, scratch, grate, graze:
        Don't you just hate the sound of a fingernail being raked across a blackboard?
        3 rake in. collect, gather (up or in), pull in, make:
        Pamela is raking in the royalties from her latest thriller.
        4 rake it in. coin money, make money (hand-over-fist), Brit coin it in:
        The new record shop in the mall is really raking it in.
        5 rake out. sift (out), screen, remove, clear, eliminate:
        Please rake out the cinders from the grate.
        6 rake over or through. search, probe, ransack, scour, comb, rummage through, pick through or over, go through or over (with a fine-tooth(ed) comb), rifle (through):
        The police raked through her entire flat but found nothing incriminating.
        7 rake up.
        (a) See 1, above.
        (b) revive, resuscitate, resurrect, raise, bring up, recall:
        Must you persist in raking up those bad memories?
        8 rake up or together. gather, scrape up or together, collect, drag together, pick up, dig up, dredge up, find, unearth:
        Were you able to rake up the others for a game of poker tonight?
        libertine, womanizer, lecher, roué, playboy, ladies' man, Don Juan, Casanova, Lothario, debauchee, voluptuary, profligate, prodigal; scoundrel, rascal, cad, Archaic rakehell, masher; Colloq lady-killer, Colloq old-fashioned wolf, Brit bounder:
        Lady Anne was led stray by some young rake, a friend of the Prince Regent's.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        + adjective
        (technical) placed on a slope: raked seating

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