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rake /reik/
  • danh từ
    • kẻ chơi bời phóng đãng; kẻ trác táng
    • cái cào
    • cái cào than; que cời than
    • cái cào tiền, cái gạt tiền (ở sòng bạc)
    • động từ
      • cào, cời
        • to rake hay: cào cỏ khô
        • to rake a fire: cời lửa
        • to rake clean: cào sạch
        • to rake level: cào cho bằng
      • tìm kỹ, lục soát
        • to rake one's memory: tìm trong trí nhớ
        • to rake in (among, into) old records: lục soát trong đám hồ sơ cũ
      • nhìn bao quát
      • nhìn bao quát, nhìn khắp; nhìn ra
        • the window rakes the whole panorama: cửa sổ nhìn ra toàn bộ phong cảnh đó
      • (quân sự) quét, lia (súng...)
      • to rake away
        • cáo sạch đi
      • to rake in
        • cào vào, lấy cào gạt vào
      • to rake in money: lấy cào gạt tiền vào (ở sòng bạc)
      • to rake of
        • cào sạch
      • to rake off the dead leaves: cào sạch lá khô
      • to rake out
        • cào bới ra
      • to rake out a fire: cào ngọn lửa, làm tắt ngọn lửa
      • to rake over
        • cào xới lên
      • to rake over a flowerbed: cào xới lên một luống hoa
      • to rake up
        • cào gọn lại (thành đống)
      • to rake up the hay: cào cỏ khô gọn lại thành đống
      • to rake up the fire: cời to ngọn lửa
      • khơi lại, nhắc lại
        • to rake up an old quarrel: khơi lại chuyện bất hoà cũ
        • to rake up all sorts of objections: tìm bới mọi cách phản đối
      • to rake somebody over the coals
        • (xem) coal
    • danh từ
      • sự nghiêng về phía sau; độ nghiêng về phía sau (cột buồm, ống khói tàu...)
      • ngoại động từ
        • làm nghiêng về phía sau
        • nội động từ
          • nhô ra (cột buồm)
          • nghiêng về phía sau (cột buồm, ống khói tàu)
        Concise Dictionary
        +a dissolute man in fashionable society
        +degree of deviation from a horizontal plane
        +a long-handled tool with a row of teeth at its head; used to move leaves or loosen soil
        +move through with or as if with a rake
        +level or smooth with a rake
        +sweep the length of
        +examine hastily
        +gather with a rake
        +scrape gently

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        1 Often, rake up. scrape together, gather (together or up), collect, draw together:
        You really must rake up the leaves from the lawn and burn them.
        2 scrape, comb, scratch, grate, graze:
        Don't you just hate the sound of a fingernail being raked across a blackboard?
        3 rake in. collect, gather (up or in), pull in, make:
        Pamela is raking in the royalties from her latest thriller.
        4 rake it in. coin money, make money (hand-over-fist), Brit coin it in:
        The new record shop in the mall is really raking it in.
        5 rake out. sift (out), screen, remove, clear, eliminate:
        Please rake out the cinders from the grate.
        6 rake over or through. search, probe, ransack, scour, comb, rummage through, pick through or over, go through or over (with a fine-tooth(ed) comb), rifle (through):
        The police raked through her entire flat but found nothing incriminating.
        7 rake up.
        (a) See 1, above.
        (b) revive, resuscitate, resurrect, raise, bring up, recall:
        Must you persist in raking up those bad memories?
        8 rake up or together. gather, scrape up or together, collect, drag together, pick up, dig up, dredge up, find, unearth:
        Were you able to rake up the others for a game of poker tonight?
        libertine, womanizer, lecher, roué, playboy, ladies' man, Don Juan, Casanova, Lothario, debauchee, voluptuary, profligate, prodigal; scoundrel, rascal, cad, Archaic rakehell, masher; Colloq lady-killer, Colloq old-fashioned wolf, Brit bounder:
        Lady Anne was led stray by some young rake, a friend of the Prince Regent's.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        noun, verb
        + noun
        1 [C] a garden tool with a long handle and a row of metal points at the end, used for gathering fallen leaves and making soil smooth
        2 [C] (old-fashioned) a man, especially a rich and fashionable one, who is thought to have low moral standards, for example because he drinks or gambles a lot or has sex with a lot of women
        3 [sing.] (technical) the amount by which sth, especially the stage in a theatre, slopes
        + verb
        1 to pull a rake over a surface in order to make it level or to remove sth: [VN] The leaves had been raked into a pile. + (figurative) She raked a comb through her hair. + [VN-ADJ] First rake the soil smooth. [also V]
        2 [VN] to point a camera, light, gun, etc. at sb/sth and move it slowly from one side to the other: They raked the streets with machine-gun fire. + Searchlights raked the grounds.
        3 [V +adv./prep.] to search a place carefully for sth: She raked around in her bag for her keys.
        4 [VN, V] to scratch the surface of sth with a sharp object, especially your nails
        Idioms: rake sb over the coals (AmE) = haul sb over the coals at HAUL
        Phrasal Verbs: rake in sth (informal) to earn a lot of money, especially when it is done easily: The movie raked in more than $300 million. + She's been raking it in since she started her new job.
        rake over sth (informal, disapproving) to examine sth that happened in the past in great detail and keep talking about it, when it should be forgotten: She had no desire to rake over the past.
        rake sth<->up (informal, disapproving) to mention sth unpleasant that happened in the past and that other people would like to forget: Raking up the past will only make things worse.

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