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raise /reiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • nâng lên, đỡ dậy; giơ lên, đưa lên, kéo lên; ngước lên, ngẩng lên
      • to raise one's glass to someone: nâng cốc chúc sức khoẻ ai
      • to raise anchor: kéo neo lên, nhổ neo lên
      • to raise someone from his knees: đỡ ai đang quỳ đứng dậy
      • to raise a sunken ship: trục một cái tàu đắm lên
      • to raise one's arm: giơ tay lên
      • to raise one's eyes: ngước mắt lên
      • to raise one's head: ngẩng đầu lên
    • xây dựng, dựng
      • to raise a building: xây dựng một toà nhà
      • to raise a statue: dựng tượng
    • nuôi trồng
      • to raise a large family: nuôi một gia đình lớn
      • to raise vegetable: trồng rau
      • to raise chickens: nuôi gà
    • nêu lên, đưa ra; đề xuất
      • to raise a point: nêu lên một vấn đề
      • to raise a claim: đưa ra một yêu sách
      • to raise an objection: đưa ra ý kiến phản đối
    • làm ra, gây nên
      • to raise a storm: gây ra một cơn bão tố
      • to raise astonishment: làm ngạc nhiên
      • to raise suspiction: gây nghi ngờ
      • to raise a laugh: làm cho mọi người cười
      • to raise a disturbance: gây nên sự náo động
    • tăng, làm tăng thêm
      • top raise the reputation of...: tăng thêm danh tiếng của (ai...)
      • to raise production to the maximum: tăng sản lượng đến mức cao nhất
      • to raise someone's salary: tăng lương cho ai
      • to raise colour: tô màu cho thẫm hơn
    • phát động, kích động, xúi giục
      • to raise the people against the aggressors: phát động nhân dân đứng lên chống lại bọn xâm lược
    • làm phấn chấn tinh thần ai
    • làm nở, làm phồng lên
      • to raise bread with yeast: dùng men làm nở bánh mì
    • cất cao (giọng...); lên (tiếng...)
      • to raise a cry: kêu lên một tiếng
      • to raise one's voice in defence of someone: lên tiếng bênh vực ai
    • đắp cao lên, xây cao thêm
      • to raise a wall: xây tường cao thêm
    • đề bạt; đưa lên (địa vị cao hơn)
      • to raise someone to power: đưa ai lên cầm quyền
      • to raise someone to a higher rank: đề bạt ai
    • khai thác (than)
      • the amount of coal raised from the mine: số lượng than khai thác ở mỏ
    • làm bốc lên, làm tung lên
      • to raise a cloud of dust: làm tung lên một đám bụi mù
    • thu, thu góp (tiền, thuế...); tổ chức, tuyển mộ (quân...)
      • to raise taxes: thu thuế
      • to raise troop: mộ quân
      • to raise a subscription: mở cuộc lạc quyên
      • to raise an army: tổ chức (xây dựng) một đạo quân
    • gọi về
      • to raise a spirit: gọi hồn về
    • chấm dứt, rút bỏ (một cuộc bao vây...); nhổ (trại...)
      • to raise a siege: rút bỏ một cuộc bao vây
      • to raise a blockade: rút bỏ một cuộc phong toả
      • to raise a camp: nhổ trại
    • (hàng hải) trông thấy
      • to raise the land: trông thấy bờ
    • (kỹ thuật) làm có tuyết, làm cho có nhung (vải, len, dạ...)
    • to raise Cain (hell, the mischief, the devil, the roof, (Mỹ) a big smoke
      • la lối om sòm; gây náo loạn
    • to raise a dust
      • làm bụi mù
    • gây náo loạn
    • làm mờ sự thật, che giấu sự thật
    • to raise someone from the dead
      • cứu ai sống
    • to raise the wind
      • tính được đủ số tiền cần thiết (cho việc gì...)
  • danh từ
    • sự nâng lên; sự tăng lên
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) sự tăng lương
    • (đánh bài) sự tố thêm (đánh xì...)
Concise Dictionary
+the amount a salary is increased
+an upward slope or grade (as in a road)
+increasing the size of a bet (as in poker)
+the act of raising something
+raise the level or amount of something
+raise from a lower to a higher position
+cause to be heard or known; express or utter
+collect funds for a specific purpose
+cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques
+bring up
+summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic
+move upwards
+construct, build, or erect
+call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
+create a disturbance, especially by making a great noise
+raise in rank or condition
+give a promotion to or assign to a higher position
+cause to puff up with a leaven
+bid (one's partner's suit) at a higher level
+bet more than the previous player
+cause to assemble or enlist in the military
+put forward for consideration or discussion
+pronounce (vowels) by bringing the tongue closer to the roof of the mouth
+activate or stir up
+establish radio communications with
+multiply (a number) by itself a specified number of times: 8 is 2 raised to the power 3
+bring (a surface or a design) into relief and cause to project
+invigorate or heighten
+put an end to
+cause to become alive again

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 lift (up), elevate; hoist, pull up, haul up, run up, Literary upraise:
She raised the glass to her lips. We raised the mainsail and sailed out of the harbour
2 erect, put up, construct, build, produce, create, put together, assemble, frame:
With the help of some neighbours, the barn was raised in less than a day
3 farm, grow, cultivate, plant, bring up, nurture, harvest, propagate:
During that year's mild winter, we were able to raise three crops.
4 bring up, nurture, rear; mother, father, parent:
His grandmother raised ten children, six girls and four boys.
5 assemble, gather, bring or gather or get together, muster, mobilize, round up, rally, collect, convene, recruit, Colloq pull together:
Do you think you could raise an army quickly enough to defend us against attack?
6 increase, boost, advance, put up, jack up, run up, inflate, escalate:
Why are consumer petrol prices always raised at the vaguest hint of an increase in oil prices?
7 cultivate, foster, nurture, heighten, stimulate, buoy, lift, uplift, boost, arouse, quicken, encourage, develop:
The news about the new company raised our hopes of finding jobs.
8 open, introduce, initiate, broach, bring up, bring or put forward, present, suggest, mention, moot:
It is regrettable that you saw fit to raise such a delicate issue.
9 remove, relieve, lift, abandon, eliminate, discontinue, (bring to an) end, terminate:
Restrictions on travel to south-east Asia were about to be raised.
10 cause, provoke, evoke, occasion, put or set in motion, institute, prompt, engender, stir up, instigate, inspire, give rise to, bring about, arouse, originate:
Objections to the relaxation of safety regulations were raised by relatives of the victims of the earlier disaster
11 utter, express, bring up, put forward, shout, call:
Was it you who raised the alarm at the first sign of smoke?
12 assemble, obtain, get, collect, amass, solicit:
We raised twice as much for charity as last year.
13 invigorate, animate, vitalize, vivify, buoy, lift, uplift, cheer (up), exhilarate, elate:
Our spirits were raised considerably by the news from head office.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
move upwards
1 [VN] to lift or move sth to a higher level: She raised the gun and fired. + He raised a hand in greeting. + She raised her eyes from her work.
Antonym: LOWER - RISE
2 [VN] to move sth/sb/yourself to an upright position: Somehow we managed to raise her to her feet. + He raised himself up on one elbow.
Antonym: LOWER
3 [VN] ~ sth (to sth) to increase the amount or level of sth: to raise salaries / prices / taxes + They raised their offer to $500. + We need to raise public awareness of the issue. + How can we raise standards in schools? + Don't tell her about the job until you know for sure-we don't want to raise her hopes (= make her hope too much). + I've never heard him even raise his voice (= speak louder because he was angry).
collect money / people
4 [VN] to bring or collect money or people together; to manage to get or form sth: to raise funds / a loan + We are raising money for charity. + He set about raising an army.
See also - FUND-RAISER
mention subject
5 [VN] to mention sth for people to discuss or sb to deal with: The book raises many important questions. + I'm glad you raised the subject of money.
6 to cause or produce sth; to make sth appear: to raise doubts / fears / suspicions in people's minds + The plans for the new development have raised angry protests from local residents. + It wasn't an easy audience but he raised a few laughs with his jokes. + It had been a difficult day but she managed to raise a smile. + The horses' hooves raised a cloud of dust.
child / animal
7 (especially AmE) to care for a child or young animal until it is able to take care of itself: [VN] They were both raised in the South. + kids raised on a diet of hamburgers + [VN-N] They raised her (as) a Catholic. + I was born and raised a city boy.
Compare: BRING UP
farm animals / crops
8 [VN] to breed particular farm animals; to grow particular crops: to raise cattle / corn
end sth
9 [VN] to end a restriction on sb/sth: to raise a blockade / a ban / an embargo / a siege
on radio / phone
10 [VN] to contact sb and speak to them by radio or telephone: We managed to raise him on his mobile phone.
dead person
11 [VN] ~ sb (from sth) to make sb who has died come to life again: Christians believe that God raised Jesus from the dead.
Idioms: raise a / your hand against / to sb to hit or threaten to hit sb
raise your eyebrows (at sth) [often passive] to show that you disapprove of or are surprised by sth: Eyebrows were raised when he arrived without his wife.
raise your glass (to sb) to hold up your glass and wish sb happiness, good luck, etc. before you drink
raise hell (informal) to protest angrily, especially in a way that causes trouble for sb
raise the roof to produce or make sb produce a lot of noise in a building, for example by shouting or CHEERING: Their cheers raised the roof.
raise sb's spirits to make sb feel more cheerful or brave: The sunny weather raised my spirits a little.
Phrasal Verbs: raise sth to sb/sth to build or place a statue, etc. somewhere in honour or memory of sb/sth: The town raised a memorial to those killed in the war.
+ noun (AmE) = RISE

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