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  • danh từ
    • cuộc đua
Concise Dictionary
+any competition
+people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock
+a contest of speed
+the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller
+(biology) a taxonomic group that is a division of a species; usually arises as a consequence of geographical isolation within a species
+a canal for a current of water
+step on it
+compete in a race
+to work as fast as possible towards a goal, sometimes in competition with others
+cause to move fast or to rush or race

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 foot-race, horse-race, marathon, rally or rallye; competition, contest, rivalry, contention:
How many will be running in Saturday's race? Several countries had joined the race to complete a workable anti-gravity device
2 sluice, flume, chute, watercourse, course, channel, bed, mill-race, raceway, spillway; track:
The water in the race enabled us to wash the sand in order to extract the gold. The ball-bearings don't fall out because they are retained in the race
3 the races. horse-races, dog-races, the dogs, the track, the turf, Brit racecourse, race meeting, US racetrack:
We're off to the races at Newmarket.
4 speed, hurry, hasten, dash, sprint, fly, rush, scramble, step lively, Colloq tear, rip, zip, step on the gas, step on it, hop to it, get a move on, Brit hare, US get a wiggle on:
You're going to have to race to catch the last bus.
5 compete (with):
I'll race you to the gate and back.
1 stock, line, lineage, type, tribe, nation, people, folk, clan, family:
The citizens constitute a mix of all imaginable races.
2 blood, descent, breed, kin, family, stock, line, lineage:
You say you are liberal, but how would you feel about your daughter's marrying someone of a different race?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 the sport of racing horses: a racing stable + one of the racing world's most popular characters
2 (usually in compounds) any sport that involves competing in races: motor / yacht / greyhound racing + a racing driver
Collocation Dictionary

1 sport of racing horses


horse | flat, jump


results | tip | expert, tipster
Her racing tipster got the Derby winner right.
| manager, owner, trainer | career | stable | trophy | calendar, programme, season
He organizes his life according to the racing calendar.
| business, game, industry
He has ridden horses all his life, but he was a late starter in the racing game.
| circles, scene
He's known in racing circles as a fierce competitor. She's a familiar face on the racing scene.
| correspondent
the racing correspondent of ‘The Times’

2 sport of taking part in races


competitive, top-level
Today's cross-country event marks his return to top-level racing.
| bike, dog, motor, yacht, etc. | Grand Prix | road, track


champion | legend, star
racing legend Ayrton Senna
| cyclist, driver | team | programme, season | scene | career, days | debut
He made his racing debut for Benetton three years ago.
| car | circuit
The bikes sped by on the racing circuit.
| enthusiast, fan

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