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race /reis/
  • danh từ
    • (sinh vật học) nòi
    • chủng tộc, nòi người
      • the Mongolian race: nòi người Mông-cổ
    • loài, giống
      • the human race: loài người
      • the four-footed race: loài vật bốn chân
    • dòng; giòng giống
    • loại, giới, hạng (người)
      • the race of dandies: hạng người ăn diện
      • the race of poets: giới thi sĩ
  • danh từ
    • rễ; rễ gừng
    • củ gừng
    • danh từ
      • cuộc đua, cuộc chạy đua
        • Marathon race: cuộc chạy Ma-ra-tông
        • arms (armaments) race: cuộc chạy đua vũ trang
        • to run a race: chạy đua
      • (số nhiều) cuộc đua ngựa
      • dòng nước lũ, dòng nước chảy xiết
      • sông đào dẫn nước, con kênh
      • cuộc đời, đời người
        • his race is nearly over: đời anh ta đã xế chiều
      • sự vận hành (của mặt trăng, mặt trời)
      • (kỹ thuật) vòng ổ trục, vòng ổ bi
      • ngoại động từ
        • chạy đua với, chạy thi với (ai)
        • phóng (xe) thật nhanh, cho (ngựa) phi, cho (ngựa, xe) đua với; cho (máy...) chạy hết tốc độ
          • he raced his bycycle against a motor-cycle: anh ta phóng xe đạp đua với một mô tô
          • to race the engine without a load: (cơ khí) cho máy chạy không nhanh quá
        • lôi (đẩy) (ai) chạy; lôi (đẩy) (vật gì) đi nhanh
          • he raced me along: nó lôi tôi chạy
        • vội vã cho thông qua
          • to race a bill through the House: vội vã cho quốc hội thông qua một dự án
      • nội động từ
        • đua
        • chạy nhanh, quạt nhanh (chân vịt tàu, chong chóng máy bay), chạy quá nhanh (máy)
          • to race along: chạy hết tốc độ
        • ham mê đua ngựa
          • a racing man: người ham mê đua ngựa
          • the racing world: giới đua ngựa
        • to race away
          • thua cá ngựa hết (gia sản...)
        • to race away one's fortune
          • khánh kiệt vì thua cá ngựa
      Concise Dictionary
      +any competition
      +people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock
      +a contest of speed
      +the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller
      +(biology) a taxonomic group that is a division of a species; usually arises as a consequence of geographical isolation within a species
      +a canal for a current of water
      +step on it
      +compete in a race
      +to work as fast as possible towards a goal, sometimes in competition with others
      +cause to move fast or to rush or race

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 foot-race, horse-race, marathon, rally or rallye; competition, contest, rivalry, contention:
      How many will be running in Saturday's race? Several countries had joined the race to complete a workable anti-gravity device
      2 sluice, flume, chute, watercourse, course, channel, bed, mill-race, raceway, spillway; track:
      The water in the race enabled us to wash the sand in order to extract the gold. The ball-bearings don't fall out because they are retained in the race
      3 the races. horse-races, dog-races, the dogs, the track, the turf, Brit racecourse, race meeting, US racetrack:
      We're off to the races at Newmarket.
      4 speed, hurry, hasten, dash, sprint, fly, rush, scramble, step lively, Colloq tear, rip, zip, step on the gas, step on it, hop to it, get a move on, Brit hare, US get a wiggle on:
      You're going to have to race to catch the last bus.
      5 compete (with):
      I'll race you to the gate and back.
      1 stock, line, lineage, type, tribe, nation, people, folk, clan, family:
      The citizens constitute a mix of all imaginable races.
      2 blood, descent, breed, kin, family, stock, line, lineage:
      You say you are liberal, but how would you feel about your daughter's marrying someone of a different race?
      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      1 [C] ~ (between A and B)
      ~ (against sb) a competition between people, animals, vehicles, etc. to see which one is the faster or fastest: I bet I'd win a race between us two! + He's already in training for the big race against Bailey. + Their horse came third in the race last year. + a boat / horse / road race + a five-kilometre race + Shall we have a race to the end of the beach?
      2 [sing.] ~ (for sth / to do sth) a situation in which a number of people, groups, organizations, etc. are competing, especially for political power or to achieve sth first: the race for the presidency + The race is on (= has begun) to find a cure for this disease.
      See also - RAT RACE
      for horses
      3 (the races) [pl.] a series of horse races that happen at one place on a particular day: to go to the races
      4 [C, U] one of the main groups that humans can be divided into according to their physical differences, for example the colour of their skin: the Caucasian / Mongolian race + people of mixed race + This custom is found in people of all races throughout the world. + legislation against discrimination on the grounds of race or sex
      5 [C] a group of people who share the same language, history, culture, etc: the Nordic races + He admired Canadians as a hardy and determined race.
      See also - HUMAN RACE
      animals / plants
      6 [C] a breed or type of animal or plant: a race of cattle
      Idioms: a race against time / the clock a situation in which you have to do sth or finish sth very fast before it is too late: Getting food to the starving refugees is now a race against time.
      more at HORSE n.
      + verb
      1 ~ (against) sb/sth to compete against sb/sth to see who can go faster or the fastest, do sth first, etc.; to take part in a race or races: [V] Who will he be racing against in the next round? + They raced to a thrilling victory in the relay. + She'll be racing for the senior team next year. + [VN] We raced each other back to the car. + [V to inf] Television companies are racing to be the first to screen his life story.
      2 [VN] to make an animal or a vehicle compete in a race: to race dogs / horses / pigeons + to race motorbikes
      move fast
      3 [+adv./prep.] to move very fast; to move sb/sth very fast: [V] He raced up the stairs. + The days seemed to race past. + She raced through the work in no time at all. + [VN] The injured man was raced to the hospital. + She raced her car through the narrow streets of the town.
      of heart / mind / thoughts
      4 [V] to function very quickly because you are afraid, excited, etc: My mind raced as I tried to work out what was happening. + She took a deep breath to calm her racing pulse.
      of engine
      5 [V] to run too fast: The truck came to rest against a tree, its engine racing.
      Collocation Dictionary

      1 contest to find the fastest person, car, etc.


      I get very nervous before a big race.
      | close, tight | long-distance | 10-kilometre, 24-hour, 7-lap, etc. | gruelling, hard, tough | relay, road | men's, women's | boat, motor, motorbike, yacht, etc. | dog, horse, etc. | Grand Prix, World Cup, etc.

      VERB + RACE

      have, hold, organize, stage
      Let's have a race!
      | be in, compete in, enter, go in for, run in, take part in
      Is she running in the big race on Saturday?
      | drop out of, pull out of, withdraw (sth) from
      He dropped out of the race with a pulled muscle after two laps. She had to pull out of the race at the last minute.
      | lead, win
      I was leading the race until the half-way point. She has won the race for the last five years.
      | lose | come first/second, etc. in | beat sb/sth in | fix
      There is a rumour that the race was fixed.
      | throw
      (= to lose deliberately)He was paid £1,000 to throw the race.

      RACE + VERB

      be run/held, take place

      RACE + NOUN

      The horse was withdrawn from today's race meeting with an injured leg.
      | winner | official, organizer


      in a/the ~
      I'm not in this race.
      | ~ against/with
      the race against the Danish team
      | ~ between
      the University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge
      | ~ over
      a race over 200 metres

      2 competitive situation


      Although there are five candidates, realistically it is a two-horse race.
      | presidential | arms
      the halting of the nuclear arms race

      VERB + RACE

      be (involved) in, join
      The rival TV companies are in a race to bring out the first film drama of his life.
      | be ahead in, lead, win
      Who will win the race for the White House?
      | be left behind in, lag behind in, lose


      in a/the ~
      lagging behind in the race for the presidency
      | ~ between
      a race between the developing countries
      | ~ for
      the race for nuclear supremacy
      | ~ with
      the race with their rivals

      3 racial group


      human | mixed
      a child of mixed race
      | Irish, Jewish, Latin, etc. | master
      the ideology of the master race

      RACE + NOUN

      Immigration and race relations were key political issues at the time.
      | equality | discrimination, prejudice | riot


      among ~s
      The disease is more common among European races.
      | between ~s
      greater understanding between nations and races
      | from a ~
      children from all races and religions
      | of a ~
      people of different races and cultures
      | ~ of
      The Amazons were a race of female warriors.


      on (the) grounds of race

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