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quick /kwik/
  • danh từ
    • thịt mềm (dưới móng tay, móng chân, trong vết thương)
    • tâm can, ruột gan; chỗ nhạy cảm nhất
      • the insult stung him to the quick: lời lăng mạ làm anh đau nhói tâm can
      • to cut (touch) to the quick: chạm vào chỗ nhạy cảm nhất, chạm nọc
    • (the quick) (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) những người còn sống
      • the quick and the dead: những người còn sống và những người đã chết
    • to the quick
      • đến tận xương tuỷ
    • to be a radical to the quick: là người cấp tiến đến tận xương tuỷ, là người cấp tiến trăm phần trăm
  • tính từ
    • nhanh, mau
      • a quick train: chuyến xe lửa (tốc hành) nhanh
      • be quick: nhanh lên
    • tinh, sắc, thính
      • a quick eye: mắt tinh
      • a quick ear: tai thính
    • tính linh lợi, hoạt bát, nhanh trí, sáng trí
      • a quick mind: trí óc linh lợi
      • a quick child: một em bé sáng trí
      • quick to understand: tiếp thu nhanh
    • nhạy cảm, dễ
      • to be quick to take offence: dễ phật lòng, dễ giận
      • to be quick of temper: dễ nổi nóng, nóng tánh
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) sống
      • to be with quick child; to be quick with child: có mang sắp đến ngày sinh (thai đã đạp ở trong bụng)
      • quick hedge: hàng rào cây xanh
    • let's have a quick one
      • chúng ta uống nhanh một cốc đi
  • phó từ
    • nhanh
      • don't speak so quick: đừng nói nhanh thế
Concise Dictionary
+any area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin or a fingernail or toenail)
+accomplished rapidly and without delay
+hurried and brief
+moving quickly and lightly
+apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity
+performed with little or no delay
+easily aroused or excited
+with little or no delay
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rapid, fast, speedy, swift, fleet; expeditious, express:
We made a quick descent to reach the camp before dark. The hand is quicker than the eye. Can you arrange the quick delivery of this parcel to Aylesbury?
2 sudden, precipitate, hasty, brisk, short, abrupt, hurried, perfunctory, summary; immediate, prompt, timely, instantaneous:
There is no quick answer to your question about the causes of World War II. Don't be so quick to criticize others. I had a quick response to my letter complaining about service
3 agile, lively, nimble, energetic, vigorous, alert, animated, keen, sharp, acute, spry, spirited, vivacious, rapid, swift:
In three quick steps she was at my side. Antonia is known for her quick mind
4 intelligent, bright, brilliant, facile, adept, adroit, dexterous, apt, able, expert, skilful, deft, astute, clever, shrewd, smart, ingenious, perceptive, perspicacious, discerning, far-sighted, responsive; nimble-witted, quick-witted:
You can rely on Rob's quick thinking to come up with a solution to the problem
5 excitable, touchy, testy, petulant, irascible, irritable, impatient:
She said that I have a quick temper because of my red hair.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, adverb, noun
+ adjective (quicker, quickest)
1 done with speed; taking or lasting a short time: She gave him a quick glance. + These cakes are very quick and easy to make. + Would you like a quick drink? + The doctor said she'd make a quick recovery. + It's quicker by train. + Are you sure this is the quickest way? + Have you finished already? That was quick! + His quick thinking saved her life. + He fired three shots in quick succession.
2 ~ (to do sth) moving or doing sth fast: a quick learner / worker + The kids were quick to learn. + She was quick (= too quick) to point out the mistakes I'd made. + Her quick hands suddenly stopped moving. + Try to be quick! We're late already. + Once again, his quick wits (= quick thinking) got him out of an awkward situation. + (AmE, informal) He's a quick study (= he learns quickly).
3 [only before noun] happening very soon or without delay: We need to make a quick decision. + The company wants quick results. + There isn't a quick answer to this problem. - FAST
Idioms: to have a quick temper to become angry easily
more at BUCK n., DRAW n., MARK n., UPTAKE
+ adverb (quicker, quickest)
1 quickly; fast: Come as quick as you can! + Let's see who can get there quickest. + It's another of his schemes to get rich quick.
2 (quick-) (in adjectives) doing the thing mentioned quickly: quick-thinking + quick-growing
Idioms: (as) quick as a flash very quickly: Quick as a flash she was at his side.
+ noun (the quick) [sing.] the soft, sensitive flesh that is under the fingernails: She has bitten her nails down to the quick.
Idioms: cut sb to the quick to upset sb very much by doing or saying sth unkind: His accusations cut me to the quick.

quick / quickly / fast
Quickly is the usual adverb from quick: I quickly realized that I was on the wrong train. + My heart started to beat more quickly.
Quick is sometimes used as an adverb in very informal language, especially as an exclamation: Come on! Quick! They'll see us! Quicker is used more often:
My heart started to beat much quicker. + The quicker I get you away from here, the better.

Fast is more often used when you are talking about the speed that somebody or something moves at: How fast can a cheetah run? + Can't you drive any faster? + You're driving too quickly. + There is no word fastly.
- note at SOON
Collocation Dictionary


be, seem
We'd better be quick.
| become, get


extremely, particularly, really, very
a really quick worker
| fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively | amazingly, remarkably, surprisingly | mercifully
It was a mercifully quick end for those condemned to die.


I was getting quite quick at putting up fences.


quick and easy
meals that are quick and easy to prepare

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