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pursue /pə'sju:/
  • ngoại động từ
    • theo, đuổi theo, đuổi bắt, truy nã, truy kích
      • to pursue the enemy: đuổi bắt kẻ địch, truy kích kẻ địch
    • (nghĩa bóng) đeo đẳng, cứ bám lấy dai dẳng
      • diseases pursue him till death: hắn ta cứ bệnh tật dai dẳng mâi cho đến lúc chết
    • theo, đi theo, theo đuổi, đeo đuổi, tiếp tục, thực hiện đến cùng
      • to pursue a plan: đeo đuổi một kế hoạch
      • to pursue one's road: đi theo con đường của mình
      • to pursue the policy of peace: theo đuổi chính sách hoà bình
      • to pursue one's studies: tiếp tục việc học tập
      • to pursue a subject: tiếp tục nói (thảo luận) về một vấn đề
    • đi tìm, mưu cầu
      • to pursue pleasure: đi tìm thú vui
      • to pursue happiness: mưu cầu hạnh phúc
  • nội động từ
    • (+ after) đuổi theo
    • theo đuổi, tiếp tục
Concise Dictionary
pursues|pursued|pursuingpər'suː /pə'sju-
+carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in
+follow in or as if in pursuit
+go in search of or hunt for
+carry further or advance

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 follow, chase, go or run after, hunt (after or down or for or up), trace, trail, track, run down, take off after, dog, stalk, shadow, Brit chivvy or chivy or chevy, Colloq tail:
The police pursued the escaped convicts across the moor.
2 follow (up or on with), trace, carry on with, continue, conduct, devote or dedicate oneself to, cultivate, undertake, practise, persist or persevere in, maintain, exercise, proceed with, adhere to, stay with, apply oneself to, Colloq stick with:
If you pursue such a course, you are certain to land in jail.
3 aspire to, aim for, work for or toward(s), try or strive for, purpose, seek, search for, go in search of, quest after or for, be intent on, be bent upon or on:
Jonathan is pursuing a doctorate in history at Oxford.
4 woo, (pay) court (to), seek the hand of, set (one's) cap for, Formal press (one's) suit with, pay suit or court or (one's) addresses to, Colloq set one's cap for, Slang chase (after):
Jack is pursuing Jacquelyn with matrimony in mind.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (formal)
1 [VN] to do sth or try to achieve sth over a period of time: to pursue a goal / an aim / an objective + We intend to pursue this policy with determination. + She wishes to pursue a medical career.
2 to continue to discuss, find out about or be involved in sth: [VN] to pursue legal action + We have decided not to pursue the matter. [also V speech]
3 [VN] to follow or chase sb/sth, especially in order to catch them: She left the theatre, hotly pursued by the press. + Police pursued the car at high speed. + Jake has been pursuing her (= trying to have a relationship with her) for months.
Collocation Dictionary

1 continue sth/try to achieve sth


further, still | actively, energetically, vigorously | doggedly
He was still doggedly pursuing his studies.
| relentlessly | effectively, successfully
How can we most effectively pursue these aims?


decide to
We have decided not to pursue the matter further.
| intend to, want to, wish to
deciding on which career you wish to pursue
| be/feel inclined to | be reluctant to | be able to, be at liberty to, be free to | continue to


the ability/freedom to pursue sth
the freedom to pursue her own interests
| be not worth pursuing
I decided the matter was not worth pursuing further.

2 chase sb


He pursued her relentlessly, refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer.


closely/hotly pursued by sb
He ran past, hotly pursued by two policemen.

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