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publish /'pʌbliʃ/
  • ngoại động từ
    • công bố; ban bố (sắc lệnh...)
    • xuất bản (sách...)
Concise Dictionary
+put into print
+prepare and issue for public distribution or sale
+have (one's written work) issued for publication

Thesaurus Dictionary
make public, put out, broadcast, spread (about or around), advertise, make known, let (something) be known, announce, publicize, report, proclaim, promulgate, bruit about, reveal, divulge, disclose, break the news (about), Colloq leak:
The minister resigned the day the news of the scandal was published.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] to produce a book, magazine, CD-ROM, etc. and sell it to the public: The first edition was published in 1998. + He works for a company that publishes reference books. + Most of our titles are also published on CD-ROM.
2 [VN] to print a letter, an article, etc. in a newspaper or magazine: Pictures of the suspect were published in all the daily papers. + The editors published a full apology in the following edition.
3 [VN] to make sth available to the public on the Internet: The report will be published on the Internet.
4 (of an author) to have your work printed and sold to the public: [VN] She hasn't published anything for years. + [V] University teachers are under pressure to publish.
5 [VN] (formal) to make official information known to the public
Synonym: RELEASE
The findings of the committee will be published on Friday.
Collocation Dictionary


recently | posthumously
Her last book was published posthumously in 1948.
| anonymously


decide to | intend to, plan to | refuse to | be free to
The press should be free to publish and comment on all aspects of political and social life.
| dare (to)
Freud had not dared to publish the third chapter of his book in Vienna.

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