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publication /,pʌbli'keiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự công bố
    • sự xuất bản (sách); sách báo xuất bản
Concise Dictionary
+a copy of a printed work offered for distribution
+the act of issuing printed materials
+the communication of something to the public; making information generally known
+the business of issuing printed matter for sale or distribution

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 dissemination, promulgation, publicizing, publishing, proclamation, issuance, reporting, announcement, advertisement, advertising, pronouncement, airing, putting out, revelation, declaration, appearance:
The publication of the news about the sale of the company was no surprise to us
2 book, booklet, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet, broadside or broadsheet, flier or flyer, handbill, hand-out; periodical, magazine, journal, newsletter, newspaper, paper, broadsheet, tabloid; annual, semi-annual, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, semi-monthly, fortnightly, biweekly, weekly, hebdomadal or hebdomedary, semi-weekly, daily:
He buys every publication he can find dealing with model railways.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U, C] the act of printing a book, a magazine, etc. and making it available to the public; a book, a magazine, etc. that has been published: the publication date + the publication of his first novel + specialist publications
2 [U] the act of printing sth in a newspaper, report, etc. so that the public knows about it: a delay in the publication of the exam results + The newspaper continues to defend its publication of the photographs.
Collocation Dictionary

1 of a book, etc.


begin | cease, stop | prepare sth for | be due/scheduled for
The book is scheduled for publication in the autumn.
| accept sth for


be due/scheduled
The publication of her memoirs is scheduled for the autumn.




the date/time of publication

2 book, magazine, etc.


new, recent | forthcoming | leading, major | sister
‘This Week’'s German sister publication, ‘Diese Woche’, went out of business.
| government, official | specialist | academic, business, scientific, trade


publications catalogue/list


~ about
specialist publications about bees
| ~ on
She has several publications to her name on local history.

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