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public /'pʌblik/
  • tính từ
    • chung, công, công cộng
      • public holiday: ngày lễ chung
      • public opinion: dư luận, công luận
      • public library: thư viện công cộng
      • public school: trường công
      • public utilities: những ngành phục vụ công cộng (điện, nước...)
    • công khai
      • to make a public protest: phản đối công khai
      • to give something public utterance: công bố cái gì
  • danh từ
    • công chúng, quần chúng
      • to append to the public: kêu gọi quần chúng
    • nhân dân, dân chúng
      • the British public: nhân dân Anh
    • giới
      • the sporting public: giới ham chuộng thể thao
      • the reading public: giới bạn đọc
    • (thông tục), (như) public_house
    • in public
      • giữa công chúng, công khai
Concise Dictionary
+people in general considered as a whole
+a body of people sharing some common interest
+not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole
+affecting the people or community as a whole

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 communal, community, common, general, collective, universal, catholic, popular, worldwide:
One need only compare early and new films to see how public taste has changed.
2 civil, civic, social, societal, community, communal:
Although they may seem restrictive, these laws are for the public good.
3 accessible, open, free, unrestricted, non-exclusive, communal, community, available:
He does much of his research in the public library.
4 open, manifest, exposed, overt, projected, plain, obvious, apparent, patent, clear, clear-cut, acknowledged, known, admitted, visible, viewable, conspicuous:
Her public image is quite different from her private persona.
5 visible, viewable, conspicuous, unconcealed, unshrouded, flagrant, blatant:
Has Alfie made a public spectacle of himself again?
6 well-known, prominent, eminent, celebrated, famous, renowned, noted, notable, influential, illustrious; notorious, disreputable, infamous:
Invite a well-known public figure to open the exhibition if you can
7 make public. See publish.
8 community, people (at large or in general), citizenry, citizens, nation, populace, population, society, masses, multitude, hoi polloi, bourgeoisie, plebeians, proletariat, rank and file, middle class, third estate, commonalty, voters, man or woman in the street, Brit admass, US John Q. Public, Mr or Mrs Average, Colloq (any or every) Tom, Dick, and Harry:
The public has responded generously to the charity appeal.
9 clientele or Brit also clientage, customers, custom, patrons, followers, supporters, buyers, consumers, purchasers, following, business, trade:
How can you expect to attract the public without advertising?
10 sector, segment, special-interest group, portion:
The commuting public will no longer tolerate these excessive train delays
11 in public. publicly, openly, in the open, Colloq out of the closet:
Jarvis has finally confessed in public what we long suspected privately.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
of ordinary people
1 [only before noun] connected with ordinary people in society in general: The campaign is designed to increase public awareness of the issues. + Levels of waste from the factory may be a danger to public health. + Why would the closure of hospitals be in the public interest (= useful to ordinary people)? + The media has a powerful influence on public opinion. + The government had to bow to public pressure.
for everyone
2 [only before noun] provided, especially by the government, for the use of people in general: a public education system + a public library / telephone + public transport / transportation
Antonym: PRIVATE
of government
3 [only before noun] connected with the government and the services it provides: public money / spending / funding / expenditure + He spent much of his career in public office (= working in the government). + (BrE) the public purse (= the money that the government can spend) + The rail industry is no longer in public ownership (= controlled by the government).
Antonym: PRIVATE
seen / heard by people
4 known to people in general: a public figure (= a person who is well known because they are often on the television, radio, etc.) + Details of the government report have not yet been made public. + She entered public life (= started a job in which she became known to the public) at the age of 25. + This latest scandal will not have done their public image (= the opinion that people have of them) any good.
Antonym: PRIVATE
5 open to people in general; intended to be seen or heard by people in general: a public apology / inquiry / investigation + The painting will be put on public display next week. + This may be the band's last public appearance together.
6 where there are a lot of people who can see and hear you: Let's go somewhere a little less public.
Antonym: PRIVATE
publicly adverb: a publicly owned company + He later publicly apologized for his comments. + This information is not publicly available.
Idioms: go public
1 to tell people about sth that is a secret: A court order failed to stop her going public with the story.
2 (of a company) to start selling shares on the STOCK EXCHANGE
in the public eye well known to many people through newspapers and television: She doesn't want her children growing up in the public eye.
+ noun [sing.+sing./pl. v.]
ordinary people
1 (the public) ordinary people in society in general: The palace is now open to the public. + There have been many complaints from members of the public. + The public has / have a right to know what is contained in the report.
group of people
2 a group of people who share a particular interest or who are involved in the same activity: the theatre-going public + She knows how to keep her public (= for example, the people who buy her books) satisfied.
Idioms: in public when other people, especially people you do not know, are present: She doesn't like to be seen in public without her make-up on. + They never argue in public.
more at WASH v.
Collocation Dictionary

1 the public people in general




The government was slow to inform the public about the health hazards of lead in petrol.
| protect | serve | be open to
The house is open to the public at weekends.


in ~
He rarely appears in public these days.


a member of the public

2 group of people with sth in common


book-buying, paying, reading, sporting, theatre-going, travelling, viewing, etc.
Satellite television has provided the viewing public with a wide choice of programmes.
| larger, wider
Her work is now available to a wider public.

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