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psychic /'saikik/
  • danh từ
    • bà đồng; ông đồng
Concise Dictionary
+a person apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception
+affecting or influenced by the human mind
+outside the sphere of physical science

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 psychical, mental, spiritual, psychologic(al), subjective, psychogenic, cognitive, metaphysic(al), intellectual, cerebral; philosophic(al):
The psychic effect of losing a loved one can have physical repercussions.
2 psychical, extrasensory, supernatural, occult, magical, telepathic, telekinetic, preternatural, spiritualistic, unearthly, extramundane, supermundane:
Many psychic phenomena have never been satisfactorily explained.
3 medium, spiritualist, clairvoyant, mind-reader, telepathist, seer, seeress, crystal-gazer, soothsayer, astrologer, fortune-teller, prophet, prophetess, sibyl:
We were disturbed to learn that our political leaders consulted psychics.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
1 (also less frequent psychical ) connected with strange powers of the mind and not able to be explained by natural laws: psychic energy / forces / phenomena + psychic powers + psychic healing + psychical research (= research into strange powers and events)
2 (of a person) seeming to have strange mental powers and to be able to do things that are not possible according to natural laws: She claims to be psychic and helps people to contact the dead. + How am I supposed to know-I'm not psychic!
3 (also less frequent psychical) (formal) connected with the mind rather than the body
psychically adverb
+ noun
a person who claims to have strange mental powers so that they can do things that are not possible according to natural laws, such as predicting the future and speaking to dead people

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