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proximity /proximity/
  • danh từ
    • trạng thái gần (về không gian, thời gian...))
      • proximity of blood: quan hệ họ hàng gần
Concise Dictionary
prɑk'sɪmətɪ /prɒ-
+the property of being close together
+the region close around a person or thing
+a Gestalt principle of organization holding that (other things being equal) objects or events that are near to one another (in space or time) are perceived as belonging together as a unit

Thesaurus Dictionary
nearness, closeness, adjacency, neighbourhood, vicinity, vicinage, contiguity, contiguousness, propinquity:
The proximity of the airport kept housing prices relatively low.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U] ~ (of sb/sth) (to sb/sth) (formal) the state of being near sb/sth in distance or time: a house in the proximity of (= near) the motorway + The proximity of the college to London makes it very popular. + The area has a number of schools in close proximity to each other. + the death of two members of her family in close proximity
Collocation Dictionary


close | geographical, physical, spatial


in ~ to
The site is in close proximity to motorways and an airport.
| ~ to
House prices in the area are elevated by its proximity to London.

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