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province /province/
  • danh từ
    • tỉnh
    • (tôn giáo) địa phận, giáo khu (dưới quyền tổng giám mục)
    • (sử học) (La-mã) lãnh thổ (người nước Y) dưới quyền cai trị của một thống đốc La-mã
    • (the provinces) cả nước trừ thủ đô
    • phạm vi, lĩnh vực (hoạt động...)
      • it is out of my province: cái đó ngoài phạm vi của tôi
    • ngành (học...)
Concise Dictionary
provinces'prɑvɪns /'prɒ-
+the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation
+the proper sphere or extent of your activities

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 territory, state, zone, region, quarter, area, district, domain, dependency or US also dependancy, division, section, district:
Quebec is one of the administrative provinces of Canada.
2 country, territory, region, dominion, realm, strand, tract:
During the war, those who escaped fled to distant provinces.
3 sphere or area (of responsibility), responsibility, bailiwick, concern, function, charge, business, field; Colloq thing, headache, worry:
The payroll falls within the province of my department.
4 provinces. outlying districts, countryside, hinterland(s), Chiefly US exurbia, Slang US and Canadian boondocks, boonies, hicksville:
Once a year, people flock into London from the provinces to do their Christmas shopping.

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