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protection /protection/
  • danh từ
    • sự bảo vệ, sự bảo hộ, sự che chở; sự bảo trợ
      • under someone's protection: dưới sự che chở của ai
    • người bảo vệ, người che chở; vật bảo vệ, vật che chở
    • giấy thông hành
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) giấy chứng nhận quốc tịch (phát cho thuỷ thủ)
    • chế độ bảo vệ nện công nghiệp trong nước
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) tiền trả cho bọn tống tiền; tiền hối lộ (cho chức trách để bao che cho những hành động phạm pháp)
    • to live under someone's protection
      • được ai bao (đàn bà)
Concise Dictionary
+the activity of protecting someone or something
+a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury
+defense against financial failure; financial independence
+the condition of being protected
+kindly endorsement and guidance
+the imposition of duties or quotas on imports in order to protect domestic industry against foreign competition
+payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 defence, screen, shield, barrier, guard, safeguard, immunity, bulwark, buffer, shelter, refuge, haven, sanctuary, security, safe keeping, safety, preservation:
They have not yet developed any protection from the common cold. How can we offer these fledglings protection against predators?
2 care, guardianship, aegis, custody, charge, safe keeping, patronage, sponsorship, keeping:
Even under the protection of the government, elephants continue to be slaughtered
3 extortion, blackmail, protection money:
If we refuse to pay protection, they say that they will bomb the restaurant.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] ~ (for / of sb/sth) (against / from sth) the act of protecting sb/sth; the state of being protected: Remember to bring clothes that provide adequate protection against the wind and rain. + He asked to be put under police protection. + the conservation and protection of the environment + consumer / child / data protection laws
2 [C] ~ (against sth) a thing that protects sb/sth against sth: They wore the charm as a protection against evil spirits.
3 [U] ~ (against sth) insurance against fire, injury, damage, etc: Our policy offers complete protection against fire and theft.
4 [U] the system of helping an industry in your own country by taxing foreign goods: The government is ready to introduce protection for the car industry.
5 [U] the system of paying criminals so that they will not attack your business or property: to pay protection money + to run a protection racket
Collocation Dictionary


adequate, effective | legal | police
Witnesses at the trial were given police protection.
| animal, child, consumer, data, environmental, personal, wildlife
Animal protection supporters gathered to protest against hunting. She carries a gun in her bag for personal protection.
| fire, flood
Fire protection equipment must be available on all floors.
| sun
sun protection products


A helmet affordsthe cyclist some degree ofprotection against injury.


afford (sb), give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)


law, legislation, order
The couple werefound guilty of violation of childprotection laws.
| measures, mechanism, scheme, system


under the ~ of
Many Britishwild animals are now under theprotection of the Wildlife andCountryside Act.
| ~ against
Fillthe cooling system with antifreezeas a protection against frost.
| ~ from
The high walls give thegarden protection from the wind.


a means of protection
The skunk releases a pungent smell as a means of protection.

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