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proportion /proportion/
  • danh từ
    • sự cân xứng, sự cân đối
      • in proportion to: cân xứng với
      • out of proportion to: không cân xứng với
    • tỷ lệ
      • the proportion of three to one: tỷ lệ ba một
    • (toán học) tỷ lệ thức
    • (toán học) quy tắc tam xuất
    • phần
      • a large proportion of the earth's surface: một phần lớn bề mặt trái đất
    • (số nhiều) kích thước, tầm vóc
      • a building of magnificent proportions: toà nhà bề thế
      • an athlete of magnificent proportions: vận động viên tầm vóc lực lưỡng
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cân xứng, làm cân đối
      • to proportion one's expenses to one's income: làm cho số tiền chi tiêu cân đối với số tiền thu nhập
    • chia thành phần
Concise Dictionary
proportions|proportioned|proportioningprə'pɔrʃn /-'pɔː-
+the quotient obtained when the magnitude of a part is divided by the magnitude of the whole
+magnitude or extent
+balance among the parts of something
+harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design)
+give pleasant proportions to
+adjust in size relative to other things

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 ratio, (comparative) relation, relationship, comparison:
The proportion of men to women on the course is three to one. The demand is out of all proportion to the supply
2 balance, agreement, concord, harmony, suitableness, symmetry, congruity, correspondence, correlation, arrangement, distribution:
The beauty of the building is at once apparent in the elegant proportion of its parts
3 portion, division, share, part, percentage, quota, allotment, ration, Colloq cut:
Water covers a large proportion of the surface.
4 proportions. size, magnitude, dimensions, measurements, extent; volume, capacity, mass, bulk, area, expanse, scope, range, degree:
The dragon suddenly assumed gigantic proportions.
5 adjust, modify, change, modulate, poise, balance, shape, fit, match, conform, equate:
The punishment should be proportioned to the crime.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
part of whole
1 [C+sing./pl. v.] a part or share of a whole: Water covers a large proportion of the earth's surface. + Loam is a soil with roughly equal proportions of clay, sand and silt. + The proportion of regular smokers increases with age. + A higher proportion of Americans go on to higher education than is the case in Britain.
2 [U] ~ (of sth to sth) the relationship of one thing to another in size, amount, etc.
Synonym: RATIO
The proportion of men to women in the college has changed dramatically over the years. + The basic ingredients are limestone and clay in the proportion 2: 1. + The room is very long in proportion to (= relative to) its width.
3 [U, C, usually pl.] the correct relationship in size, degree, importance, etc. between one thing and another or between the parts of a whole: You haven't drawn the figures in the foreground in proportion. + The head is out of proportion with the body. + an impressive building with fine proportions + Always try to keep a sense of proportion (= of the relative importance of different things).
size / shape
4 (proportions) [pl.] the measurements of sth; its size and shape: This method divides the task into more manageable proportions. + a food shortage that could soon reach crisis proportions + a room of fairly generous proportions
5 [U] the equal relationship between two pairs of numbers, as in the statement '4 is to 8 as 6 is to 12'
Idioms: keep sth in proportion to react to sth in a sensible way and not think it is worse or more serious than it really is: The problem of hooliganism should be kept in proportion. Only a small number of young people act in this way.
out of (all) proportion (to sth) larger, more serious, etc. in relation to sth than is necessary or appropriate: They earn salaries out of all proportion to their ability. + The media have blown the incident up out of all proportion.
If proportion is used with an uncountable or a singular noun, the verb is generally singular: A proportion of the land is used for agriculture.
If the proportion of is used with a plural countable noun, or a singular noun that represents a group of people, the verb is usually singular, but with a (large, small, etc.) proportion of a plural verb is often used, especially in BrE: The proportion of small cars on America's roads is increasing. + A high proportion of five-year-olds have teeth in poor condition.
Collocation Dictionary

1 part/share of a whole


appreciable, considerable, fair, good, great, high, huge, large, overwhelming, significant, sizeable, substantial | reasonable | low, small | minute, negligible, tiny | certain | equal
The company employs men and women in roughly equal proportions.
| equivalent, similar | different, differing, varying | fixed | exact | approximate | average | overall | growing, increasing, rising | declining, decreasing, diminishing


express sth as
The chart shows government spending expressed as a proportion of national income.
| grow as, increase as, rise as | decline as, decrease as, diminish as, fall as
The unskilled section of the working class was diminishing as a proportion of the workforce.


grow, increase, rise | decline, decrease, fall

2 relationship between the size/amount of two things


correct | direct | inverse
The human population in the region is expanding in inverse proportion to the wildlife.
| relative


keep sth in
Try to keep your view of the situation in proportion (= not think it is more serious than it is).


in ~ (to)
The cost of insurance increases in proportion to the performance of the car.
| out of ~ (to)
The costs of the plan are out of proportion to the budget available.
| ~ of sth to sth
The proportion of sand to cement used was three to one.


out of all proportion
The problem has been exaggerated out of all proportion.
| a sense of proportion
Try to keep a sense of proportion (= of the relative importance of different things).

3 proportions: size and shape of sth


enormous, epic, extraordinary, gargantuan, generous, gigantic, heroic, huge, immense, major, mammoth, massive, monumental, staggering | modest | manageable, unmanageable
The computer brings the huge task of stock control down to more manageable proportions.
| alarming | crisis, epidemic | classic, elegant, fine, noble, perfect
There is an entrance hall of perfect proportions, twice as long as it is wide.
| bodily


The food shortage had reached crisis proportions.

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