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prone /prone/
  • tính từ
    • úp, sấp; nằm sóng soài
      • to fall prone: ngã sấp xuống; sóng soài
    • ngả về, thiên về, có thiên hướng về
      • to be prone to something: có ý ngả về việc gì
      • to be prone to anger: dễ giận, dễ cáu
    • nghiêng, dốc (mặt đất...)
Concise Dictionary
+lying face downward
+having a tendency (to); often used in combination

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 face down or downwards or Chiefly US downward, prostrate, lying down, reclining, recumbent, horizontal, procumbent, Formal or technical decumbent, accumbent:
She was lying prone, resting between push-ups.
2 inclined, apt, likely, liable, disposed, predisposed, of a mind, subject, given, tending, leaning:
They are prone to petty squabbles.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 ~ to sth / to do sth likely to suffer from sth or to do sth bad
Synonym: LIABLE
prone to infection / injury + Working without a break makes you more prone to error. + Tired drivers were found to be particularly prone to ignore warning signs.
2 (-prone) (in adjectives) likely to suffer or do the thing mentioned: error-prone + injury-prone
3 (formal) lying flat with the front of your body touching the ground
The victim lay prone without moving. + He was found lying in a prone position.
Compare: SUPINE
proneness noun [U]: proneness to depression / injury
Collocation Dictionary


be, seem | become | leave sb/sth, make sb/sth
Sun removes the oil and wax, leaving the leather prone to cracking.


especially, highly, particularly, very | increasingly | rather, slightly | notoriously
The M40 through Oxfordshire is notoriously prone to fog.


She seems very prone to chest infections.


accident prone

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