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promise /promise/
  • danh từ
    • lời hứa, điều hứa, điều hẹn ước; sự hứa hẹn
      • to keep to one's promise: giữ lời hứa
      • to break one's promise: không giữ lời hứa, bội ước
      • promise of marriage: sự hứa hôn
      • empty promise: lời hứa hão, lời hứa suông
    • (nghĩa bóng) triển vọng, hứa hẹn
      • a young man of promise: một thanh niên có triển vọng
    • land of promise
      • chốn thiên thai, nơi cực lạc
  • động từ
    • hứa, hứa hẹn, hẹn ước
      • to promise someone something; to promise something to someone: hứa hẹn ai việc gì
      • this year promises good crops: năm nay hứa hẹn được mùa
    • làm cho hy vọng; báo hiệu, báo trước
      • the clouds promise rain: mây nhiều báo hiệu trời mưa
    • (thông tục) đảm bảo, cam đoan
      • I promise you, it will not be so easy: tôi cam đoan với anh, chuyện ấy sẽ không dễ thế đâu
    • promised land
      • chốn thiên thai, nơi cực lạc
    • to promise oneself something
      • tự dành cho mình trong tương lai cái gì (điều thích thú...)
    • to promise well
      • có triển vọng tốt
Concise Dictionary
promises|promised|promising'prɑmɪs /'prɒ-
+a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future
+grounds for feeling hopeful about the future
+make a promise or commitment
+promise to undertake or give
+make a prediction about; tell in advance
+give grounds for expectations

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 assurance, (solemn) word (of honour), pledge, vow, oath, undertaking, engagement, bond, commitment, guaranty, guarantee, warranty; agreement, contract, covenant, compact:
You have my promise that the book will be completed by the deadline. She broke her promise to marry him. Unlike a contract, a promise does not imply a mutual commitment
2 expectation, potential, capability; likelihood, probability:
This first novel shows a lot of promise. There is little promise that compensation will be paid to the victims by the government.
3 assure, give one's word (of honour), pledge, swear, vow, take an oath, undertake, engage, commit oneself, guarantee or guaranty, warrant, cross one's heart (and hope to die):
Harold promised to do what cannot be done. We were promised a free ride on the roundabout. She promises she will repay the loan promptly. Make him pay for the damage as he promised
4 give indication of, hint at, suggest, foretell, augur, indicate, show signs of, be in store for, look like, seem or appear likely or probable, Brit be on the cards, US be in the cards, Literary bid fair, betoken, bespeak:
Though the economic situation promised to improve, many were disappointed that it took so long.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
1 ~ sth (to sb)
~ sb sth to tell sb that you will definitely do or not do sth, or that sth will definitely happen: [V to inf] The college principal promised to look into the matter. + [V to inf, V] 'Promise not to tell anyone!' 'I promise.' + [V] They arrived at 7.30 as they had promised. + [VN] The government has promised a full investigation into the disaster. + I'll see what I can do but I can't promise anything. + [V (that)] The brochure promised (that) the local food would be superb. + [VN (that)] You promised me (that) you'd be home early tonight. + [VN, VNN] He promised the money to his grandchildren. + He promised his grandchildren the money. + [VNN] I've promised myself some fun when the exams are over. + [V speech] 'I'll be back soon,' she promised. [also VN speech]
2 to make sth seem likely to happen; to show signs of sth: [V to inf] It promises to be an exciting few days. + [VN] There were dark clouds overhead promising rain.
Idioms: I (can) promise you (informal) used as a way of encouraging or warning sb about sth: I can promise you, you'll have a wonderful time. + If you don't take my advice, you'll regret it, I promise you.
promise (sb) the earth / moon / world (informal) to make promises that will be impossible to keep: Politicians promise the earth before an election, but things are different afterwards.
+ noun
1 [C] ~ (to do sth)
~ (that ...) a statement that tells sb that you will definitely do or not do sth: to make / keep / break a promise + to extract / win a promise from sb + She kept her promise to visit her aunt regularly. + The government failed to keep its promise of lower taxes. + Do I have your promise that you won't tell anyone about this? + You haven't gone back on your promise, have you? + He simply broke every single promise he ever made me.
2 [U] a sign that sb/sth will be successful: Her work shows great promise. + He failed to fulfil his early promise. + Their future was full of promise.
3 [U, sing.] ~ of sth a sign, or a reason for hope that sth may happen, especially sth good: The day dawned bright and clear, with the promise of warm, sunny weather. + The dog approached, attracted by the promise of food.
Collocation Dictionary

1 statement that you will do sth


He makes all kinds of big promises he has little intention of keeping.
| rash | broken, unfulfilled | empty, false, hollow | vague | binding, firm | campaign, election, pre-election


give sb, make (sb)
You gave me your promise I could use the car tonight. I'll consider it, but I make no promises.
| fulfil, honour, keep | break, go back on | extract
We extracted a promise from them that they would repay the money by May.
| hold sb to
The Opposition is determined to hold the government to its election promises.


~ about
They've made all sorts of promises about reforming the health system.
| ~ of
promises of support

2 signs that sb/sth will be successful


considerable, great, real
This new venture holds great promise for the future.
| early, youthful


hold, show | fulfil, live up to
His career failed to fulfil its early promise.


of ~
a pianist of promise
| ~ as
She showed great promise as a runner.


full of promise
The year began so full of promise, and ended in disappointment.



She promised faithfully that she would come.
| solemnly


can/can't | seem to
The plan seemed to promise a new beginning.


I've promised my old computer to Jane.


as promised
I am sending you information on holidays as promised.
| I can't promise anything
I can't promise anything, but I hope to have it finished next week.

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