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profess /profess/
  • ngoại động từ
    • tuyên bố, bày tỏ, nói ra
      • to profess oneself satisfied with...: tuyên bố là hài lòng với...
    • tự cho là, tự xưng là, tự nhận là
      • to profess to know several foreign languages: tự cho là biết nhiều tiếng nước ngoài
      • to profess to be a scholar: tự xưng là một học giả
      • to profess to be ignorant: tự nhận là dốt nát
    • theo, tuyên bố tin theo, nhận là tin theo (đạo)...
      • to profess Buddhism: theo đạo Phật
    • hành nghề, làm nghề
      • to profess law: làm nghề luật
    • dạy (môn gì...)
      • to profess history: dạy sử
  • nội động từ
    • dạy học, làm giáo sư
Concise Dictionary
+practice as a profession, teach, or claim to be knowledgeable about
+confess one's faith in, or allegiance to
+admit, make a clean breast of
+state freely
+receive into a religious order or congregation
+take vows, as in religious order
+state insincerely

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 assert, claim, aver, asseverate, state, affirm, confirm, confess, declare, say, hold, maintain, present, offer, proffer, tender, set forth, put forward, pronounce, enounce, enunciate, announce, utter, vow, avow:
He professed himself satisfied with the judge's decision.
2 pretend, lay claim, make a pretence, purport, act as if, simulate:
They professed to be legitimate businessmen, but I was always suspicious.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (formal)
1 to claim that sth is true or correct, especially when it is not: [VN] She still professes her innocence. + [V to inf] I don't profess to be an expert in this subject.
2 to state openly that you have a particular belief, feeling, etc: [VN] He professed his admiration for their work. + [VN-ADJ] She professed herself satisfied with the progress so far.
3 [VN] to belong to a particular religion: to profess Christianity / Islam / Judaism

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