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proclaim /proclaim/
  • ngoại động từ
    • công bố, tuyên bố
      • to proclaim war: tuyên chiến
    • để lộ ra, chỉ ra
      • his accent proclaimed him a southerner: giọng nói của anh ta cho thấy anh ta là người miền nam
    • tuyên bố cấm
      • to proclaim a meeting: tuyên bố cấm một cuộc họp
Concise Dictionary
proclaims|proclaimed|proclaimingprəʊ'kleɪm /prə-
+declare formally; declare someone to be something; of titles
+state or announce
+affirm or declare as an attribute or quality of
+praise, glorify, or honor

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 announce, advertise, circulate, declare, broadcast, pronounce, make known, bruit (about), trumpet, publish, promulgate, herald; profess, protest, enunciate, articulate:
Edgar was proclaimed king. She proclaimed her innocence.
2 brand, accuse of being, stigmatize as, pronounce, rule, decree, characterize, report:
She found herself proclaimed a traitor.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to publicly and officially tell people about sth important
Synonym: DECLARE
[VN] The president proclaimed a state of emergency. + The day was proclaimed a public holiday. + [V that] The charter proclaimed that all states would have their own government. + [VN-N] He proclaimed himself emperor. [also VN to inf, also V wh-, V speech]
2 (formal) to show sth clearly; to be a sign of sth: [VN] This building, more than any other, proclaims the character of the town. + [VN-N, VN to inf] His accent proclaimed him a Scot. + His accent proclaimed him to be a Scot. [also V that]
Collocation Dictionary


loudly | formally, officially | openly, publicly | proudly | unilaterally
The district unilaterally proclaimed its independence from the national government.


seem to
His classic boyish looks seemed to proclaim his good humour and openness.


Everyone is proclaiming him as the next president.
| to
proclaiming her innocence to the world

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