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English - Vietnamese Dictionary
pristine /pristine/
  • tính từ
    • ban sơ; xưa, cổ xưa, thời xưa
Concise Dictionary
+completely free from dirt or contamination
+immaculately clean and unused

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 original, primal, basic, primeval or Brit also primaeval, primitive, primordial, earliest, first, initial:
It is impractical to try to return the world to what some regard as its pristine purity
2 uncorrupted, pure, unsullied, undefiled, virginal, virgin, chaste, untouched, unspoiled, unpolluted, untarnished, spotless, immaculate, natural:
One must travel far today to experience the pristine beauty of nature. The car was in pristine condition.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 fresh and clean, as if new: The car is in pristine condition. + a pristine white tablecloth
2 not developed or changed in any way; left in its original condition: pristine, pollution-free beaches

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