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prison /prison/
  • danh từ
    • nhà tù, nhà lao, nhà giam
      • to send someone to prison; to put (throw) someone in prison: bỏ ai vào tù
      • to be in prison: bị bắt giam
  • ngoại động từ
    • (thơ ca) bỏ tù, bỏ ngục, giam cầm
Concise Dictionary
+a correctional institution where persons are confined while on trial or for punishment
+a prisonlike situation; a place of seeming confinement

Thesaurus Dictionary
jail or Brit also gaol, dungeon, oubliette, lock-up, penal institution, house of correction, correctional institution, reformatory, house of detention; confinement, detention; Old-fashioned reform school, Military guardhouse; Brit remand centre, detention centre, remand home, community home, Military glasshouse, Formal CHE (= 'community home with education on the premises'), Old-fashioned approved school; US penitentiary, Military brig; Archaic Brit bridewell; Slang clink, can, cooler, jug, stir, Brit quod, chokey or choky, US and Canadian pokey or poky; US pen, calaboose, slammer, hoosegow, Old-fashioned big house:
He was released from prison last Friday after serving six months for burglary.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C, U] a building where people are kept as a punishment for a crime they have committed, or while they are waiting for trial: He was sent to prison for five years. + She is in prison, awaiting trial. + to be released from prison + a maximum-security prison + the prison population (= the total number of prisoners in a country) + the problem of overcrowding in prisons + Ten prison officers and three inmates needed hospital treatment following the riot. - SCHOOL
2 [U] the system of keeping people in prisons: the prison service / system + The government insists that 'prison works' and plans to introduce a tougher sentencing policy for people convicted of violent crime.
3 [C] a place or situation from which sb cannot escape: His hospital room had become a prison.
Collocation Dictionary


local | overcrowded | high-security, maximum-security, top-security | closed | open
Open prisons prepare prisoners for life back in the community.
| private | women's | debtors'
| military


go to
He went to prison for tax evasion.
| put sb in, send sb to, throw sb into
She was sent to prison for leaking state secrets. He was immediately seized and thrown into prison.
| be discharged from, be released from, come out of, get out of
When did he get out of prison?
| escape from
A dangerous criminal has escaped from a high-security prison.
| avoid, escape
You only escaped prison (= escaped being sent to prison)because of your previous good character.
| face
She was told by magistrates she could now face prison.


sentence, term | cell, hospital | conditions | population | authorities, governor, inmate, officer, staff, warder | service, system


at a/the~
The police are investigating disturbances at the prison.
| in (a/the) ~
How long has her father been in prison? There have been riots in the prison.

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