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priority /priority/
  • danh từ
    • quyền được trước, sự ưu tiên; điều được xét trước hết
      • priority is given to developing heavy industry: ưu tiên phát triển công nghiệp nặng
      • a first (top) priority: điều được xét trước mọi điều khác
Concise Dictionary
prioritiespraɪ'ɔrətɪ /praɪ'ɒr-
+status established in order of importance or urgency
+preceding in time

Thesaurus Dictionary
precedence, precedency, primacy, urgency, immediacy, predominance, pre-eminence, preference, rank, superiority, prerogative, right, seniority, importance, weight, immediacy:
The applications for aid will be processed in order of priority.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural priorities)
1 [C] something that you think is more important than other things and should be dealt with first: a high / low priority + Education is a top priority. + Our first priority is to improve standards. + Financial security was high on his list of priorities. + You need to get your priorities right (= decide what is important to you). + (AmE) You need to get your priorities straight.
2 [U] ~ (over sth) the most important place among various things that have to be done or among a group of people
Club members will be given priority. + The search for a new vaccine will take priority over all other medical research. + Priority cases, such as homeless families, get dealt with first.
3 [U] (BrE) the right of a vehicle to go before other traffic at a particular place on a road: Buses have priority at this junction.
Collocation Dictionary


high, main, major, number one, top | first, immediate, urgent
Getting food, medicine and blankets to flood victims is the most urgent priority.
| low
Material possessions have always been a low priority for Mike.


choose, decide on, determine, identify, sort out
You need to sort out your priorities before making a decision about the future.
| get, have, take
When hospital funds are being allocated children take priority.
| give sb/sth
The government is giving priority to school leavers in its job-creation programme.


~ over
Her family takes priority over her work.


a list of priorities, order of priority
List the tasks in order of priority.

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