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princely /'prinsli/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) hoàng thân, như ông hoàng
    • sang trọng, tráng lệ, lộng lẫy, huy hoàng
      • a princely gift: món quà tặng sang trọng
Concise Dictionary
+rich and superior in quality
+having the rank of or befitting a prince

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 lavish, bountiful, generous, liberal, ample, substantial, huge, enormous:
They paid a princely sum for their stately home in Surrey.
2 lavish, magnificent, splendid, luxurious, majestic, royal, regal, sumptuous, superb, Colloq ritzy, swank(y), posh, plush:
The hotel laid on princely accommodation for us with rooms overlooking the sea
3 royal, noble, regal, sovereign, of royal or noble blood or rank:
Who would have thought that our humble home would ever shelter a princely guest?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [usually before noun]
1 (usually ironic) if you say that an amount of money is princely, you are usually saying the opposite and that it is not very large: I bought a bike for the princely sum of £20!
2 (old-fashioned, formal) very grand; generous: princely buildings + a princely gift
3 connected with a prince; like a prince: a man of princely appearance

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