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presume /pri'zju:m/
  • ngoại động từ
    • cho là, coi như là, cầm bằng là; đoán chừng
      • I presume that he will do it: tôi cho là nó sẽ làm việc đó
      • I presume this decision to be final: quyết định đó tôi cho là như là cuối cùng
  • nội động từ
    • dám, đánh bạo, mạo muội; may
      • I presume to give you a piece of advice?: tôi xin mạo muội góp vơi anh một ý được chăng?
    • (+ on, upon) lợi dung, lạm dụng
      • to presume upon someone's acquaitance: lợi dụng sự quen biết với ai
      • to presume on someoen's good naturer: lợi dụng lòng tốt của ai
    • tự phụ, quá tự tin
Concise Dictionary
+take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof
+take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission
+constitute reasonable evidence for
+take liberties or act with too much confidence

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 assume, take for granted, suppose, surmise, infer, suppose, presuppose, take it, gather, understand, think, believe, imagine, suspect, fancy, conjecture, postulate, posit, theorize, speculate, hypothesize, hypothecate, US and Canadian guess:
For some unaccountable reason, we presumed that your train would arrive on time. Dr Livingstone, I presume?
2 dare, take the liberty, be so presumptuous as, make (so) bold (as), have the audacity or effrontery, go so far as, venture:
Who is he to presume to judge others?
3 Often, presume on or upon. encroach (on or upon), impose (on or upon), take liberties (with), intrude (on or upon or into):
I hate to presume on our friendship, but could you lend me some money?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to suppose that sth is true, although you do not have actual proof
Synonym: ASSUME
[V] They are very expensive, I presume? + 'Is he still abroad?' 'I presume so.' + [V (that)] I presumed (that) he understood the rules. + [VN that] Little is known of the youngest son; it is presumed that he died young. + [VN to inf] I presumed him to be her husband.
2 to accept that sth is true until it is shown not to be true, especially in a court of law: [VN-ADJ] Twelve passengers are missing, presumed dead. + In English law, a person is presumed innocent until proved guilty. + [VN] We must presume innocence until we have proof of guilt. [also VN to inf]
3 [VN] (formal) to accept sth as true or existing and to act on that basis
The course seems to presume some previous knowledge of the subject.
4 [V to inf] (formal) to behave in a way that shows a lack of respect by doing sth that you have no right to do: I wouldn't presume to tell you how to run your own business.
Phrasal Verbs: presume on / upon sb/sth (formal) to make use of sb's friendship by asking them for more than you should: [+ to inf] I felt it would be presuming on our personal relationship to keep asking her for help.
Collocation Dictionary


rightly, wrongly
I had presumed wrongly that Jenny would be there.
| reasonably | automatically | conclusively

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