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pressurize /'preʃəraiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • điều áp (làm điều hoà áp suất, nhiệt độ... trong máy bay...) ((thường) dạng bị động)
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE also pressurise) + verb
1 (BrE) (also pressure AmE, BrE) [often passive] ~ sb (into sth / into doing sth) to persuade sb to do sth, especially by making them feel that they have to or should do it: [VN] Stop trying to pressurize me! + She was pressurized into accepting the job. + [VN to inf] He felt that he was being pressurized to resign.
2 [VN] [usually passive] to keep the air pressure in a SUBMARINE, an aircraft, etc. the same as it is on earth: a pressurized cabin
pressurization, pressurisation noun [U]

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