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presently /'prezntli/
  • phó từ
    • chẳng mấy chốc, ngay sau đó
    • (Ê-cốt) hiện giờ, hiện nay, bây gi
Concise Dictionary
+in the near future
+at this time or period; now

Thesaurus Dictionary
soon, by and by, in a little while, shortly, after a short time, in due course, after a while or a time, before long, in a moment or a minute or a while, Archaic or literary anon, Colloq in a jiffy, in two shakes (of a lamb's tail), Non-Standard now, at present:
The show opens presently in the West End. I shall be with you presently.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 (especially AmE) at the time you are speaking or writing; now
The crime is presently being investigated by the police. + These are the courses presently available.
Help Note: In this meaning presently usually comes before the verb, adjective or noun that it refers to.
2 (written) used to show that sth happened after a short time: Presently, the door opened again and three men stepped out.
Help Note: In this meaning presently usually comes at the beginning of a sentence.
3 used to show that sth will happen soon
Synonym: SHORTLY
She'll be here presently.
Help Note: In this meaning presently usually comes at the end of a sentence.
In both BrE and AmE, presently can mean 'soon' or 'after a short time': I'll be with you presently. + Presently, I heard her leave the house. This use is slightly old-fashioned. In AmE the usual meaning of presently is 'at the present time' or 'now':
She is presently living in Milan. + There is presently no cure for the disease. This use is becoming more accepted in BrE, but at present or currently are usually used.

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