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predominate /pri'dɔmineit/
  • nội động từ
    • ((thường) + over) chiếm ưu thế, trội hơn hẳn
Thesaurus Dictionary
Often, predominate over. dominate, control, rule, reign, preponderate, outweigh, obtain, prevail, overshadow, get or have the upper hand, lord it over, hold sway, overrule:
Though the American president is a Republican, the Democrats predominate in Congress.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [V]
1 to be greater in amount or number than sth/sb else in a place, group, etc: a colour scheme in which red predominates + Women predominated in the audience. + Young men tend to predominate in the crime statistics.
2 ~ (over sb/sth) to have the most influence or importance: Private interest was not allowed to predominate over the public good.

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