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precious /'preʃəs/
  • tính từ
    • quý, quý giá, quý báu
      • precious metals: kim loại quý
      • precious stone: đá quý, ngọc
    • cầu kỳ, kiểu cách, đài các
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) đẹp tuyệt; kỳ diệu, vĩ đại
    • (thông tục) khiếp, ghê gớm, ra trò, lắm, đại... (ngụ ý nhấn mạnh)
      • a precious rascal: một thằng chí đểu, một thằng đại bất lương
      • don't be in such a precious hurry: làm gì mà phải vội khiếp thế
    • my precious
      • (thông tục) em yêu quý của anh; con yêu quý của ba...
  • phó từ
    • hết sức, lắm, vô cùng, ghê gớm, khác thường...
      • to take precious good care of: chăm sóc hết sức chu đáo
      • it's a precious long time cince I saw him: từ ngày tôi gặp hắn đến nay đã lâu lắm rồi
Concise Dictionary
+characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for
+of high worth or cost
+obviously contrived to charm
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 dear, dearest, costly, expensive, high-priced, valuable, invaluable, prized, priceless, irreplaceable, Colloq pricey:
The entire cabinet was filled with precious jewels.
2 esteemed, choice, cherished, beloved, idolized, adored, loved, valued, prized, revered, venerated, venerable, hallowed:
The church keeps its most precious relics in a special vault.
3 precise, exquisite, overrefined, chichi, over-nice, studied, artificial, effete, affected, overdone, pretentious, euphuistic, alembicated, Colloq Brit twee, Slang US cutesy:
His style is characterized by somewhat precious language.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, adverb
+ adjective
1 rare and worth a lot of money: a precious vase + The crown was set with precious jewels-diamonds, rubies and emeralds.
2 valuable or important and not to be wasted: Clean water is a precious commodity in that part of the world. + You're wasting precious time!
3 loved or valued very much: precious memories / possessions
4 [only before noun] (spoken) used to show you are angry that another person thinks sth is very important: I didn't touch your precious car!
5 (disapproving) (especially of people and their behaviour) very formal, exaggerated and not natural in what you say and do
preciousness noun [U]: the preciousness of an old friendship + His writings reveal an unattractive preciousness of style.
+ adverb (informal) ~ little / few used to emphasize the fact that there is very little of sth or that there are very few of sth: There's precious little to do in this town. + Precious few people can afford those prices.
Collocation Dictionary


be | become


extremely, incredibly, infinitely, very


You are infinitely precious to me.

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