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precede /pri:'si:d/
  • động từ
    • đi trước; đứng trước; đặt trước; ở trước; có trước, đến trước
      • such duties precede all others: những nhiệm vụ như vậy đi trước tất cả mọi nhiệm vụ khác
      • the words that precede: những từ ở trước, những từ ở trên đây
      • must precede this measure by milder ones: phải có những biện pháp nhẹ nhàng hơn trước biện pháp này
Concise Dictionary
+be earlier in time; go back further
+come before
+be the predecessor of
+move ahead (of others) in time or space
+furnish with a preface or introduction

Thesaurus Dictionary
come or go or proceed before or first, go ahead or in advance (of), lead (the way), pave the way (for), herald, usher in, introduce, antecede; foreshadow, antedate, predate:
His wife preceded him into the room. The Decameron preceded The Canterbury Tales by about fifty years.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (written)
1 to happen before sth or come before sth/sb in order: [VN] the years preceding the war + His resignation was preceded by weeks of speculation. + She preceded me in the job. + [V] See the preceding chapter. + It had happened during the preceding year.
2 [VN +adv./prep.] to go in front of sb: She preceded him out of the room.
Phrasal Verbs: precede sth with sth to do or say sth to introduce sth else: She preceded her speech with a vote of thanks to the committee.
Collocation Dictionary


directly, immediately
in the moments which immediately preceded the earthquake

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