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practical /'præktikəl/
  • tính từ
    • thực hành (đối với lý thuyết)
      • practical agriculture: nông nghiệp thực hành
      • practical chemistry: hoá học thực hành
    • thực tế, thực tiễn, thực dụng; có ích, có ích lợi thực tế, thiết thực
      • a practical mind: đầu óc thực tế; (đôi khi khinh) đầu óc nặng nề thực tế
      • a practical proposal: một đề nghị thiết thực
    • đang thực hành, đang làm, đang hành nghề
      • a practical physician: một thầy thuốc đang hành nghề
    • thực tế, trên thực tế
      • he is the practical owner of the house: anh ta thực tế là chủ căn nhà này
      • to have practical control of: nắm quyền kiểm soát trên thực tế
    • a practice koke
      • trò đùa ác ý, trò chơi khăm
Concise Dictionary
+concerned with actual use or practice
+guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory
+being actually such in almost every respect
+having or put to a practical purpose or use

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 pragmatic, useful, usable or useable, functional, realistic, reasonable, sound, utilitarian, applicable, serviceable, empirical, efficient:
Whether the device is practical will depend on its cost effectiveness.
2 sensible, reasonable, common-sense or common-sensical, everyday, ordinary, down-to-earth, expedient, matter-of-fact, mundane, business-like, hard-headed, judicious, Colloq hard-nosed:
Put theory aside and focus on a practical solution to the problem.
3 applied, field, hands-on, personal, everyday:
She has had practical experience in nursing the elderly.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
connected with real things
1 connected with real situations rather than with ideas or theories: to have gained practical experience of the work + practical advice / help / support + practical problems / difficulties + There are some obvious practical applications of the research. + In practical terms, it means spending less. + From a practical point of view, it isn't a good place to live.
likely to work
2 (of an idea, a method or a course of action) right or sensible; likely to be successful
It wouldn't be practical for us to go all that way just for the weekend. + It was difficult to find a practical solution to the problem.
3 (of things) useful or suitable: a practical little car, ideal for the city + Cool, loose-fitting clothes are practical in a hot climate.
4 (of a person) sensible and realistic: Let's be practical and work out the cost first.
good at making things
5 (of a person) good at making or repairing things: Bob's very practical. He does all the odd jobs around the house.
almost total
6 [only before noun] almost complete or total
Synonym: VIRTUAL
She married a practical stranger. + They're a practical certainty to win the game.
Idioms: for (all) practical purposes used when you are stating what the reality of a situation is: There's still another ten minutes of the game to go, but for practical purposes it's already over.
+ noun (BrE, informal) a lesson or an exam in science or technology in which students have to do or make things, not just read or write about them: a biology practical + The second part of the exam is a three-hour practical.
Collocation Dictionary


chemistry, physics, etc.


sit, take | pass | fail
I passed the written exam but failed the practical.



be, seem, sound | become


eminently, extremely, highly, intensely, very | entirely, purely, strictly
For entirely practical reasons, children are not invited.
| hardly | quite, reasonably | essentially | severely
She always adopted a severely practical tone.

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