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pottery /'pɔtəri/
  • danh từ
    • đồ gốm
    • nghề làm đồ gốm
    • xưởng làm đồ gốm
Concise Dictionary
potteries'pɑtərɪ /'pɒt-
+ceramic ware made from clay and baked in a kiln
+the craft of making earthenware
+a workshop where clayware is made

Thesaurus Dictionary
earthenware, ceramics, terracotta, crockery, stoneware, porcelain, china, delftware:
Ornamented pottery has been found in pre-Columbian digs.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural potteries)
1 [U] pots, dishes, etc. made with clay that is baked in an oven, especially when they are made by hand: Roman pottery + a piece of pottery
2 [U] the clay that some dishes and pots are made of: a jug made of blue-glazed pottery + a pottery casserole dish
3 [U] the skill of making pots and dishes from clay, especially by hand: a pottery class
4 [C] a place where clay pots and dishes are made
Collocation Dictionary


decorated, glazed, painted | hand-thrown | coarse, fine


fragment, piece
fragments of Iron Age pottery


make, manufacture, produce | fire
the kilns in which the pottery is fired



More information about ART WORKS


of art a piece/work of art
Michelangelo's Pietà is a magnificent work of art.

collect ~
She collects Jacobean portraits.

display, exhibit, show ~
The works will be displayed in the new wing of the museum.

~ be (put) on display/exhibition/show ~ go on display/exhibition/show
paintings put on show for the first time The photographs are on exhibition until the end of September.

house ~
An annexe was built to house the sculptures.

a series of ~
a series of paintings by Van Gogh

a collection/exhibition of ~
an exhibition of early 20th century French masterpieces

an art/photographic/photography exhibition
The open art exhibition will allow new artists to exhibit their work.

by ~
a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth

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