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porter /'pɔ:tə/
  • danh từ
    • người gác cổng
    • danh từ
      • công nhân khuân vác
      • rượu bia đen
    Concise Dictionary
    porters'pɔrtə(r) /'pɔː-
    +a person employed to carry luggage and supplies
    +someone who guards an entrance
    +United States writer of novels and short stories (1890-1980)
    +United States composer and lyricist of musical comedies (1891-1946)
    +United States writer of short stories whose pen name was O. Henry (1862-1910)
    +a railroad employee who assists passengers (especially on sleeping cars)
    +a very dark sweet ale brewed from roasted unmalted barley
    +carry luggage or supplies
    Thesaurus Dictionary
    bearer, (baggage) carrier or attendant, US airports skycap, US railways redcap:
    I tipped the porter to carry our bags to a taxi.
    1 concierge, cleaner, caretaker, Chiefly US and Canadian janitor, superintendent, Colloq US super:
    When we are away, the porter keeps our mail for us.
    2 door-keeper, watchman, doorman, gatekeeper, concierge, US tiler:
    He went to my club, but the porter would not let him in.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    1 a person whose job is carrying people's bags and other loads
    2 (especially BrE) a person whose job is to move patients from one place to another in a hospital
    3 (BrE) a person whose job is to be in charge of the entrance to a hotel, large building, college, etc: the night porter + The hotel porter will get you a taxi.
    Compare: DOORMAN
    4 (AmE) a person whose job is helping passengers on a train, especially in a SLEEPING CAR
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 helps lift and carry things


    hospital, kitchen, railway


    act as
    Some Sherpas act as guides and porters for mountaineering expeditions.
    | call, hail
    On arriving at the station, we hailed a porter to carry the bags.


    carry sth

    2 in charge of the entrance of a large building


    head | hall, hotel | night | uniformed


    porter's desk, porter's lodge

    More information about JOB


    be, work as ~
    She's a well-known writer. Her father, a trained chef, now works as a bus driver.

    study to be, train as, train to be ~
    She trained as a painter and sculptor.

    start (work) as ~
    He started work as a trainee chef.

    become, qualify as ~
    She qualified as a vet last year.

    employ (sb as), have
    The company employs more than 1500 engineers.

    engage (sb as), get, hire (sb as), recruit, take on ~
    They have recruited a new designer.

    appoint, appoint sb (as), make sb ~
    are usually used with academic, official or highly responsible jobs:He was appointed Professor of Law at Yale. At 39 she was made chairman of the board.

    dismiss, fire, sack ~
    The club have sacked their coach.

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