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  • dân số; tập hợp
  • continuous p. (thống kê) tập hợp liên tục
  • dichotomous p. (thống kê) tập hợp lưỡng phân
  • finite p. (thống kê) tập hợp hữu hạn
  • hibrid p. (thống kê) tập hợp lai giống
  • hypothetic(al) p. (thống kê) tập hợp giả định
  • infinite p. (thống kê) tập hợp vô hạn
  • mixed p. (thống kê) tập hợp hỗn tạp
  • non-normal p. (thống kê) tập hợp không chuẩn
  • parent p. (thống kê) tập hợp tổng quát
Concise Dictionary
populations'pɑpjə'leɪʃn /‚pɒpjʊ-
+the people who inhabit a territory or state
+a group of organisms of the same species populating a given area
+(statistics) the entire aggregation of items from which samples can be drawn
+the number of inhabitants (either the total number or the number of a particular race or class) in a given place (country or city etc.)
+the act of populating (causing to live in a place)

Thesaurus Dictionary
people, populace, inhabitants, residents, natives, denizens, citizenry, citizens, folk:
In those days there was no one to look after the legal rights of the population.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C+sing./pl. v., U] all the people who live in a particular area, city or country; the total number of people who live there: One third of the world's population consumes / consume two thirds of the world's resources. + The entire population of the town was at the meeting. + countries with ageing populations + Muslims make up 55% of the population. + an increase in population + areas of dense / sparse population (= where many / not many people live) + The population is increasing at about 6% per year. + Nigeria has a population of nearly 100 million. + to control population growth + population density
2 [C+sing./pl. v.] a particular group of people or animals living in a particular area: the adult / working / rural population of the country + The prison population (= the number of people in prison) is continuing to rise. + Oil spillages are disastrous for fish populations.
Collocation Dictionary


large | small, sparse | overall, total
The country has a total population of 65 million.
| global, local, national, world | indigenous, native | adult, ageing, elderly, young, youthful | female, male | black, white | active, working
Most of the economically active population is employed in the primary industries.
| student | civil, civilian | prison, school | rural, urban | general
The general population was in favour of the National Health Service.


be sth, stand at sth
The population now stands at about 4 million.
| reach sth | exceed sth | double, grow, increase, rise | decline, decrease, fall | consist of sth | live
The majority of the population live in these two towns.


levels, size | density | data, estimate, figures, projections, trends
No reliable population estimates exist.
| growth, increase | decline, loss | ageing | explosion | census | centre
major population centres along the coast


a decline/an increase in population, the growth of population
The rapid growth of population led to an acute shortage of housing.
| per head of population
The income per head of population was under £1,000 per annum.

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