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ponder /'pɔndə/
  • động từ
    • ((thường) + on, upon, over) suy nghĩ; cân nhắc
      • to ponder [on] a question: suy nghĩ về một vấn đề
Concise Dictionary
ponders|pondered|pondering'pɑndə(r) /'pɒ-
+reflect deeply on a subject
Thesaurus Dictionary
consider, muse (over or on), brood (over or upon or on), mull over, deliberate (over), meditate (upon or on), think (over or on or about), weigh, ruminate (over), chew over, cogitate, excogitate, reflect (on or over), contemplate:
I shall need a while to ponder the answer to that question. Give me a little more time to ponder.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
~ (about / on / over sth) (written) to think about sth carefully for a period of time
[V] She pondered over his words. + They were left to ponder on the implications of the announcement. + [VN] The senator pondered the question for a moment. + We intend to ponder all the alternatives before acting. + [V wh-] They are pondering whether the money could be better used elsewhere. [also V speech]
Collocation Dictionary


carefully, deeply, hard | (for) a moment
She pondered for a moment before replying.


leave sb to
He walked out of the room, leaving me to ponder what he had just said.
| be forced to


This was something I had been pondering about for some time.
| on
I walked up the stairs, pondering on her reaction to my news.
| over
I pondered hard over the reply to his letter.

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