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police /pə'li:s/
  • danh từ
    • cảnh sát, công an (lực lượng, tổ chức...)
    • (dùng như số nhiều) những người cảnh sát, những người công an
    • ngoại động từ
      • khống chế (kiểm soát) (một vùng...) bằng lực lượng cảnh sát (công an)
      • (nghĩa bóng) giữ trật tự
      • cung cấp lực lượng cảnh sát (công an) cho, bố trí lực lượng cảnh sát (công an) cho (một nơi nào)
    Concise Dictionary
    +the force of policemen and officers
    +maintain the security of by carrying out a control
    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 constabulary, policemen, policewomen, police officers, Colloq boys in blue, the (long arm of the) law, the cops, the gendarmes, Slang the coppers, the fuzz, Brit the (Old) Bill, US the heat:
    There was a bit of an argument, so we called the police.
    2 patrol, guard, watch, protect:
    Additional officers were assigned to police the neighbourhood.
    3 enforce, regulate, administer, oversee, control, observe, supervise, monitor:
    A unit was established to police the terms of the agreement.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun (often the police) [pl.] an official organization whose job is to make people obey the law and to prevent and solve crime; the people who work for this organization: A man was arrested by the police and held for questioning. + Get out of the house or I'll call the police. + Police suspect a local gang. + a police car / enquiry / warning + Hundreds of police in riot gear struggled to control the violence.
    See also - SECRET POLICE
    + verb [VN]
    1 (of the police, army, etc.) to go around a particular area to make sure that nobody is breaking the law there: The border will be policed by UN officials.
    2 (of a committee, etc.) to make sure that a particular set of rules is obeyed: The profession is policed by its own regulatory body. + The government has called on newspapers to police themselves.
    Collocation Dictionary


    armed, mounted | plain-clothes, uniformed | anti-riot, riot | paramilitary, secret, security | federal, local, national, state


    call | alert, tell


    arrest sb | patrol sth | interview sb, question sb | investigate sth | appeal for sth
    Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward.


    chief, constable, officer | spokesman | headquarters, station | cell
    He spent the night in a police cell after his arrest.
    | custody | car, helicopter, van, vehicle
    an unmarked police car
    | driver, marksman | dog, horse | authorities, force, service | unit | enquiries, investigation | escort
    The visiting fans returned to the railway station under police escort.
    | patrol
    A routine police patrol spotted signs of a break-in at the offices.
    | raid
    Nine arrests were made in a series of police raids across the city.
    | presence
    There was a huge police presence at the demonstration.
    | protection
    All prosecution witnesses were given police protection.
    | cordon, lines
    Some protesters managed to break through the police cordon.
    | chase | informer | brutality, harassment


    helping the police with their enquiries
    No arrest has been made, but a man is helping the police with their enquiries.

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