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pocket /'pɔkit/
  • danh từ
    • túi (quần áo)
    • bao (75 kg)
      • a pocket of hops: một bao hoa bia
    • (nghĩa bóng) tiền, túi tiền
      • to suffer in one's pocket: tiêu pha nhiều, tiêu tốn tiền
      • to be 5d in pocket: có sẵn 5 đồng trong túi; lâi được năm đồng
      • to be 5 d out of pocket: hao mất 5 đồng
      • an empty pocket: người không một xu dính túi, người rỗng túi
    • túi hứng bi (cạnh bàn bi-a)
    • (ngành mỏ) túi quặng, túi khí độc
    • (hàng không) lỗ hổng không khí ((cũng) air pocket)
    • (quân sự) ổ chiến đấu
      • pockets of resistance: ổ đề kháng
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) ngõ cụt
    • (thể dục,thể thao) thế bị chèn, thế bị càn (của một vận động viên trong cuộc đua)
    • to burn a hole in one's pocket
      • tiêu hoang
    • to have empty pockets
      • hết tiền rỗng túi
    • to have someone in one's pocket
      • dắt mũi ai, khống chế ai
    • to line one's pocket
      • (nghĩa bóng) lo nhét đầy túi
    • to pay out of one's pocket
      • phải lấy tiền túi ra mà chi
    • to put one's pride in one's pocket
      • (xem) pride
    • to put one's hand in one's pocket
      • tiêu tiền
  • ngoại động từ
    • bỏ vào túi
    • đút túi, xoáy, ăn cắp (cái gì)
    • (nghĩa bóng) cam chịu, nuốt
      • to pocket one's anger: nén giận, nuốt giận
      • to pocket one's pride: dẹo lòng tự ái
    • (thể dục,thể thao) thọc (hòn bi a) vào túi hứng bi
    • (thể dục,thể thao) chèn, cản (đối thủ trong cuộc đấu)
Concise Dictionary
pockets|pocketed|pocketing'pɑkɪt /'pɒk-
+a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles
+an enclosed space
+a supply of money
+(bowling) the space between the headpin and the pins behind it on the right or left
+a hollow concave shape made by removing something
+a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly
+a small isolated group of people
+(anatomy) saclike structure in any of various animals (as a marsupial or gopher or pelican)
+an opening at the corner or on the side of a billiard table into which billiard balls are struck
+put in one's pocket
+take unlawfully

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 pouch, sack, bag, receptacle, reticule, satchel:
You should always have a clean handkerchief in your pocket.
2 cavity, pit, hollow, crater:
We found water that had collected in pockets in the surface of the rock
3 area, island, camp, centre, cluster, concentration:
Leaders encountered pockets of resistance to the new policies among the farmers.
4 take, appropriate, keep; filch, embezzle, steal, purloin, thieve, pilfer, help oneself to, palm, Colloq walk off or away with, pinch, swipe, rip off, hook, lift, snitch, Brit nick, snaffle:
While collecting for charity, Johnson was known to have pocketed occasional contributions.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
in clothing
1 a small piece of material like a small bag sewn into or onto a piece of clothing so that you can carry things in it: a coat pocket + I put the note in my pocket. + Turn out your pockets (= empty your pockets). + Take your hands out of your pockets! + a pocket dictionary (= one that is small enough to fit in your pocket)
small container
2 a small bag or container fastened to sth so that you can put things in it, for example, in a car door or in a handbag: Information about safety procedures is in the pocket in front of you (= on a plane).
3 [usually sing.] used to talk about the amount of money that you have to spend: We have holidays to suit every pocket. + He had no intention of paying for the meal out of his own pocket. + The Foundation is reputed to have very deep pockets (= to have a lot of money). + The libel case was a huge drain on her pocket.
small group / area
4 a small group or area that is different from its surroundings: There are still a few isolated pockets of resistance to the new regime. + a pocket of air + Geologists have found a few remaining pockets of iron ore.
See also - AIR POCKET
in billiards, etc.
5 any of the holes or nets around the edges of the table used in the games of BILLIARDS, POOL or SNOOKER, which you have to hit the ball into
Idioms: be in sb's pocket to be controlled or strongly influenced by sb
be / live in each other's pockets (BrE) if two people are in each other's pockets, they are too close to each other or spend too much time with each other
have sb in your pocket to have influence or power over sb, for example, a police officer or a politician, especially by threatening them or by offering them money
to have sth in your pocket to be certain to win sth
in / out of pocket (especially BrE) having gained/lost money as a result of sth: That one mistake left him thousands of pounds out of pocket.
more at BURN v., DIP v., HAND n., LINE v., PICK v.
+ verb [VN]
put into pocket
1 to put sth into your pocket: She paid for the drink and pocketed the change without counting it.
2 to take or keep sth, especially an amount of money, that does not belong to you: He regularly charges passengers more than the normal fare and pockets the difference.
3 to earn or win an amount of money: Last year, she pocketed over $1 million in advertising contracts. + She pocketed £400 for coming second.
in billiards, etc.
4 (in the games of BILLIARDS, POOL and SNOOKER) to hit a ball into a pocket
Synonym: POT
Collocation Dictionary

1 for keeping things in


tourists with bulging pockets
| deep | zipped | coat, jacket, shirt, trouser, waistcoat, etc. | back, breast, hip, inner, inside, outer, top | door, seat
Please read the safety leaflet in the seat pocket in front of you. (= on a plane)
| secret
Forged passports were found in a secret pocket in the suitcase.


feel in, fish in, fumble in, go through, rummage in, search
He went through all his pockets looking for his key.
| reach in
She reached in her pocket and pulled out her phone.
| dip into
(figurative) Once again club members have had to dip into their pockets (= spend their own money)to buy new equipment.
| fish/get/pull/take sth from/out of
I fished the number out of my pocket and dialled.
| empty, turn out
The security guard made them empty their pockets.
| put/stuff/thrust sth in/into
She stuffed the money into her pocket and walked out. He walked past with his collar turned up and his hands thrust into his pockets.
| fill, stuff
We filled our pockets with apples.
| line
(figurative) Dishonest officials have been lining their pockets with public funds.
| pick
He caught a boy trying to pick his pocket on the bus.


My pockets were bulging with loose change.




in the/your ~
My wallet was in the back pocket of my jeans.
| out of the/your ~
He took a few coins out of his pocket.


hands in pockets
He stood there, hands in pockets.
| the lining of a pocket

2 small area/group


small | isolated


a pocket of resistance
Government forces are mopping up the last pockets of resistance.

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